Offensive team?

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User Info: wii60_3

6 years ago#1
any tips on what pokes would be good for a full sweeper team? i want to go full offense and try to destroy people afap

thinking along the lines of garchomp (i know hes uber but i dont know what you guys are playing, shoddy battle or some other program i think)
drop some UU-OU names for the best sweepers

This is what i got

Starmie @ life orb
ice beam

Latios@ choice specs
dragon pulse
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User Info: MrFingers07

6 years ago#2
Make sure you have something on Excadrill, like balloon Terrakion or Lucario.

I hear that Excadrill destroys Hyper-offense.
:D Brawlin' Mains: R.O.B., Lucario, Pikachu, Wolf

User Info: The_Sol_Blader

6 years ago#3
I used to run a hyper offensive team once with Weavile, Gengar, Flygon, Lucario, Gyarados and Infernape. Technically, only Gyarados needed to set up
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User Info: wii60_3

6 years ago#4
excadrill >.> them sandstorms, il probably go anti weather here so is it good to start with a politoed or tyranitar counter?
Black 1v1 W-L = Undefeated 5-0
Blk FC: 3138-8737-6816

User Info: gamewizard11

6 years ago#5
Best non-weather sweepers in OU that don't need setup IMO are Infernape, Latios, Terrakion, Deoxys, and Haxorus.

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