which pokemon would win in a fight?

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User Info: ganontron

5 years ago#1
Ho-Oh vs Rayquaza
Palkia vs Reshiram
Groudon vs Heatran
Arceus vs Mewtwo
Manaphy vs Mew
Victini vs Deoxys
Uxie vs Lugia
Darkrai vs Entei
Zekrom vs Latios
Moltres vs Mesprit
Giratina vs Celebi
Kyogre vs Meloetta
Kyurem vs Azelf
Regigigas vs Latias
Genesect vs Regice
Dialga vs Thundurus
Registeel vs Keldeo
Virizion vs Articuno
Regirock vs Landorus
Terrakion vs Cresselia
Tornadus vs Suicune
Shaymin vs Raikou
Jirachi vs Cobalion

User Info: Shadow1975

5 years ago#2
How come you didn't put an Arceus-v-Ditto?
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User Info: ganontron

5 years ago#3
Ditto's are not rare pokemon. Too common like weedle's.

User Info: HomeRowed

5 years ago#4
dose apostrophe's
you're doing it wrong

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

5 years ago#5
If it's in Land Forme, Shaymin. Otherwise, Raikou
Jirachi, probably through flinchhax.
Missingno. Master is me, but apparently I couldn't make my username that long here.

User Info: blazemasta619

5 years ago#6
Ho-Oh vs Rayquaza - Would be a heck of a battle, Brave Bird would wound Rayquaza, but RayRay can learn Waterfall.
Rayquaza wins

Palkia vs Reshiram - Palkia can use either STAB to be at least neutrally effective, Reshiram's fire STAB is useless. Also, Palkia is a bit faster.
Palkia wins a likely battle of Draco Meteors

Groudon vs Heatran - pfft, Earthquake FTW
Groudon wins easily

Arceus vs Mewtwo - I hate Arceus in these things because of his plates, but I'm gonna give him his basic normal style. Arceus can Shadow Claw/ExtremeSpeed Mewtwo to death. Mewtwo outspeeds Arceus and can do major damage with Focus Blast, but if Arceus survives, Payback is a bee.
Arceus wins, not as close as the experts think

Manaphy vs Mew - Tail Glow is great, but Mew can learn anything, including Thunder.
Mew wins handily

Victini vs Deoxys - Love Victini, but Normal Deoxys is still just too fast and powerful.
Deoxys wins

Uxie vs Lugia - Lugia surpasses Uxie in every aspect. Boring stall battle.
Lugia outlasts for the win

Darkrai vs Entei - 135 Sp.Att and Nasty Plot vs. 75 Sp.Def? Yeah, bye-bye puppy.
Darkrai dominates. Arguably the most one-sided fight of the lot

Zekrom vs Latios - Latios would do ok against Reshiram, but his 80 Def vs Zekrom's 150 Att isn't promising. HOWEVER Latios is fast, and his Draco Meteor would do a lot against Zekrom. But if Zekrom can survive, Outrage will destroy Latios.
Could go either way, depends on if Zekrom could handle a Draco Meteor. If Latios had access to Soul Dew in this generation it wouldn't even be a question.

Moltres vs Mesprit - Both can do a ton of damage based on STAB alone, but Mesprit can learn Thunderbolt + Moltres' 85 Sp.Def doesn't look good for the original fire bird.
Mesprit wins

Giratina vs Celebi - Ghost STAB, Celebi can't do much against Giratina. Will-o-Wisp + Shadow Claw is too much for the time traveller.
Giratina wins easily

Kyogre vs Meloetta - Kyogre + Drizzle + Water Spout + 150 Sp.Att would easily beat the Fighting form and would still deal a big blow to the Psychic form. Whlie singing form Meloetta may be able to handle one Water Spout, Kyogre is still just too much.
Kyogre overwhelms.

Kyurem vs Azelf - David vs Goliath. Azelf can throw a big-ole Focus Blast-rock between Kyurem's eyes.
Azelf with the upset

Regigigas vs Latias - Even though Regigigas has a ton of bulk (even during Slow Start), Latias can just do too much damage in 5 turns.
Latias wins
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User Info: blazemasta619

5 years ago#7
Genesect vs Regice - Genesect has all the tools to destroy Regice handily, but not so fast. Genesect's movepool is primarily Special, Regice has 200 Sp.Def., and I think Genesect's only Super Effective STAB Physical move is Magnet Bomb. I think Regice could survive at least one of any attack Genesect throws at it, and could possibly win with a combination of Thunder Wave luck and Seismic Toss.
Genesect still wins, but keep your eyes open for the upset.

Dialga vs Thundurus - Dialga resists both STAB and can hit back with Ice Beam.
Dialga dominates. might be more one-sided than Darkrai/Entei

Registeel vs Keldeo - Keldeo resists Registeel's STAB, but has the same dilemma as Genesect. Registeel could survive at least one Focus Blast/Secret Sword and could possibly win off of luck from Thunder Wave/Seismic Toss.
Keldeo wins, I don't like relying on luck

Virizion vs Articuno - Virizion can use Stone Edge for Double Super Effective, Articuno can use Fly for Double Super Effective. Stone Edge is 1-Turn, Fly is STAB. Gotta give it to one turn. BUT Articuno has Ice Beam.
Articuno wins

Regirock vs Landorus - lol Landorus won't have the kind of trouble that Genesect and Keldeo did. Even with Regirock's high Def, Landorus has enough Sp.Att to pwn with Earth Power and Focus Blast.
Landorus wins easily. I actually think this is the most one-sided battle now that i think about it.

Terrakion vs Cresselia - love Terrakion, but Psychic>Fighting, simple PokeMath
Cresselia wins

Tornadus vs Suicune - The Crystal Canine uses Ice Beam/Blizzard FTW

Shaymin vs Raikou - like someone before me said, if it's basic Shaymin, Shaymin wins. If its Sky Forme, Raikou wins. But I think Raikou could possibly pull out a victory against regular Shaymin.
Could go either way, but advantage Raikou

Jirachi vs Cobalion - Not much Cobalion can do to hurt Jirachi, and Jirachi can learn Fire Punch.
Schmexy Hat wins

Sorry for the length of my posts /:
"I'm comin Elizabeth!!!" - Fred Sanford. Not changing this sig until Kingdom Hearts makes it to PS3.

User Info: FouCapitan

5 years ago#8
Killing means never having to say you're sorry.

User Info: Emperor4DemiGod

5 years ago#9
Ho-Oh vs Rayquaza = rayquaza is faster and can easily win with stone edge
Palkia vs Reshiram = palkia is faster and will win with draco meteor/spatial rend
Groudon vs Heatran = groudon. this one is kinda unfair
Arceus vs Mewtwo = this is a close one to call. i have to give it to arceus because he is more versatile, but mewtwo has the stats where they count
Manaphy vs Mew = mew. manaphy is good in rain, but mew is good no matter what
Victini vs Deoxys = deoxys has too many forms to give him advantages, but victini can win any battle... gameplay wise, deoxys, anime wise, victini
Uxie vs Lugia = lugia. way too one sided
Darkrai vs Entei = darkrai. faster, has dark void, etc.
Zekrom vs Latios = hmm... latios is faster and can win with draco meteor
Moltres vs Mesprit = moltres
Giratina vs Celebi = giratina easily
Kyogre vs Meloetta = kyogre
Kyurem vs Azelf = kyurem
Regigigas vs Latias = i really have no idea, but i guess latias will wear him down for a win before slow start wears off
Genesect vs Regice = genesect because regice cant really do anything to him
Dialga vs Thundurus = dialga. another one sided one
Registeel vs Keldeo = keldeo. stab on fight attacks
Virizion vs Articuno = virizion. faster and has stone edge
Regirock vs Landorus = landorus
Terrakion vs Cresselia = cresselia, but this is sort of a mis-match
Tornadus vs Suicune = close, but tornadus
Shaymin vs Raikou = shaymin
Jirachi vs Cobalion = jirachi

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#10
Ho-Oh vs Rayquaza : Rayquaza is faster. Depend to Stone Edge. Waterfall IIRC never OHKO due to Ho-oh's bulk

Palkia vs Reshiram : Palkia is more likely to win, depend on item match ups

Groudon vs Heatran : EQ. Baloon ? Superpower. Scarf ? Scarf back. Depend on item, with favor on Groudon

Arceus vs Mewtwo : Psychic Arceus Counters mewtwo/topic, also Arceus isnt OHKOED by anything Mewtwo can throw except for Psy whatever against Poison Arceus

Kyogre vs Meloetta : Specs + Hydro pump. Want to Thunder Kyogre ? Sorry even mewtwo cant OHKO with thunder.
GG, Kyogre wins

Kyurem vs Azelf : Azelf cant learn Focus Blast as a reminder, and even if it can, it wont kill Kyurem in one hit due to Item based Matchups.
Kyurem wins most of the time

Dialga vs Thundurus : Just try to kill Dialga with 1 focus Blast. Dialga can use Berry to avoid kills, while Thundurus need specs to get a kill
Dialga wins regardless

Virizion vs Articuno : Stone edge to artic is always 2HKO. Viri can survive ice beam. Viri is faster. Specs is countered by berry, so again Viri 2HKO. Fly need sub prediction.
Viri wins in ideal situation with every situation posibility.

Regirock vs Landorus Grass Knot
Landorus wins, since Regurock attack is really weak.

Terrakion vs Cresselia : Cress wins in normal weather. In sandstorm, terra wins, unless its full specs lia.
Cress wins

Shaymin vs Raikou : Raikou is faster, and 2 Hits with specs. However, in scarf, vs specs, Shaymin win.
Item based matchups.
Skymin on the other hand is Hax based matchup

Jirachi vs Cobalion : Fire Punch > Burn > GG
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