Dear Tauros

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User Info: ShinGouken

5 years ago#11
Dear Mareep

Apparently "Me rape" is an anagram of your name.

Just sayin
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User Info: 1998_z

5 years ago#12
Dear Pokemon Conquest,
I love you.
Sincerely, a fan.
Official Shedinja of the Pokemon B/W 2 boards.
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

5 years ago#13
Dear Spinda,

Why must you suck so much? You're so unique...

Sincerely, me.
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User Info: viewmaster_pi

5 years ago#14
Dear Heracross,

I'm'a let you finish, but I'm the greatest beetle Pokemon of all time.

Love, your pal Pinsir.
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User Info: gamer282

5 years ago#15
Dear Mudkip,

Nobody likes you so leave!

Leader of I hate Mudkips Clan
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User Info: hotrodneptune32

5 years ago#16
Dear Dream World,
Can I get my Hidden Ability now? It'd get me a ton more usage...
Sincerely, Chandelure.
Sephiroth's Supernova: Guaranteed to make kids want to learn algebra and physics.
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User Info: 1qaqa1

5 years ago#17
I made a topic like this once it got to 500, lets have a repeat performance.
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User Info: SSJ2__Gohan

5 years ago#18
Dear professors,

Please stop breeding Fire/Fighting Pokemon, or at the very least take a break doing that like you did with Mono Water. We'd like to have a bit of variety.


User Info: shadowx987

5 years ago#19
Dear Trainer

Are you a boy or a girl?

I am socially awkward.

User Info: Omni Legacy

Omni Legacy
5 years ago#20
Dear Internet

Give into my demands or I will delete the porn.

Love, Porygon
"You've got to scold a god when they act up." ~ Marisa

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