Ugh what level does Azurill evolve at?

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  3. Ugh what level does Azurill evolve at?

User Info: DIECASTC00K

4 years ago#1
He's at lv22 and still not evolved
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User Info: xXhakuhyouXx

4 years ago#2
You have to level it up while it has high friendship levels. I used to know how to get that in Gold and Silver but I have NO idea how to do it in B/W! :( Sorry!
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User Info: bandit_wolf

4 years ago#3
same ways friendship always has been.
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User Info: megasean3000

4 years ago#4
Let him battle often
Walk around lots with him
Feed him Protein, Iron, Carbos, etc.
Don't let him faint
Don't feed him Bitter healers.

When you think his friendship level is high enough, level him up and he'll evolve =P
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  3. Ugh what level does Azurill evolve at?

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