Do I need to be in TALL grass to find Thundurus?

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User Info: HHH is the game

HHH is the game
4 years ago#1
I was just in a route where it was raining and thundering....I thought that was the weather I needed so I turned on max repel and biked around the grass. Five repels later all I had fought were two audinos by accident. Eventually it stopped storming. WTF happened? Why didn't Thundurus show? Should I have been in TALL grass instead
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User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#2
What was the level of your lead Pokemon?

Also, you're not absolutely guaranteed to encounter Thundurus. If you have two or so regular encounters, chances are it would indeed decide to move to a different area. Just go to one of the area's entrances, and exit/re-enter until it starts raining heavily, again.
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User Info: plainoldluis

4 years ago#3
You just need to not use a repel of any kind. and where ever it rains/wind storms/ whatever, there's a chance he's in the area, but not a guaranteed chance.

User Info: GastroFan

4 years ago#4
What caught my attention is that you were BIKING in the area where Thundurus was supposed to show up. Like all other roaming legendaries I've heard of in these games, if you bike through their areas while they're around, they move elsewhere. You have to bike to the closest gate; then WALK through their area in order to encounter them. Give that a try and see if you encounter Thundurus afterward.

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User Info: abrakazam

4 years ago#5
Nothing wrong really, maybe the level of your active pokemon at the top of your list was too high, have you tried to use max repel with a poke below 40 (around 34-39) and put at the top pokemon and run around the grass.
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  3. Do I need to be in TALL grass to find Thundurus?

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