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User Info: Tyren3402

3 years ago#1
So from what I saw on pokEdit, you can get any pokemon you want with any move you want. Whats the point of trading? I'm not saying I'm going to use pokeEdit cause it defeats the pupose of the game. but whats to stop others from using it? You would never know.

Is it worth it? Does it work? Why do people do it?
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User Info: TheMindGamer

3 years ago#2
Yeah, it works. It depends on the person using it how it's used, however. I think a good portion of people use it to cut corners in training and such. Sure, any pokemon you trade for could be pokeEdited, but that's been true since the advent of the gameshark in Red/Blue. If you can't tell a pokemon apart from a legit one, it really doesn't matter at that point if it's hacked or not. It's not even worth caring about by then. Really, you should just relax over the whole matter and use or don't use according to your own discretion and what you find makes the games more fun.
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