Sasha and Cole

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User Info: IceBreaker_

7 years ago#1
Do you think that they might start a relationship if Cole continues to be evil? It would be quite interesting.
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User Info: Venshen

7 years ago#2
nah,besides if people are like me,they hate romantic / love interests playing a part in games,movie, or anything.and wasnt Sasha a crackhead drug saler before the blast,some people say shes hot but seriously,shes creepy with that tongue,and im not saying bald women are ugly,its just that sasha is uh well i dont just think its right for cole

User Info: IceBreaker_

7 years ago#3
They should make an option for Evil Cole command over 3 Reaper conduits to help him anytime and anywhere. Not to be only in Evil side missions like in the original infamous.
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User Info: Staticnova

7 years ago#4
I only hate romances in games and movies if they're so obviously crowbarred in. Like in a movie where the world's ending in front of everyone and two characters get together out of the blue. Really?

Hate that crap. It's so obviously pushed into the narrative to appease the women in the audience, even if narrative quality has to be sacrificed.
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User Info: DarkEffigy

7 years ago#5
I heard that the game does have two significantly different endings based on your karma. But for Evil Cole, I don't think romance is the best route. Gameplay wise, he is supposed to be a destructive man who hurts people on a whim. It'd just feel bizarre if Sasha got involved, and I don't think he'd be looking for a new relationship so soon after Trish's death.
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User Info: IceBreaker_

7 years ago#6
Who knows man. It will still be interesting either way.
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User Info: Baby_Panay

7 years ago#7
Yes to the guy who wants to bring some Reapers along. Those evil missions were the best.

User Info: IceBreaker_

7 years ago#8
^Thanks :D
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User Info: KaelMobius

7 years ago#9
I think it's pretty obvious that Staticnova is Roman from Party Down.
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User Info: Narutowashere

7 years ago#10
"and I don't think he'd be looking for a new relationship so soon after Trish's death. "

it looks like at least 1-3 years have gone by since first game. he's probably over that
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