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User Info: SneakyLink

5 years ago#1
Here we post missions we'd like others to play. I've got like 3 that you guys might like.

Swamp Hunt- located in the southern entrance to the swamp
The Ice Empire- located in the north east part of new maria near the frozen tower
Ice&Fire- Southern swamp (near my swamp hunt :P)

Please check these out guys. The first two are mine but the last one is just fun to play. Also try out The Ice Empire. I'm planning on making many sequels so its gonna be like another little story line. Still fun in my perspective. Play these please.

User Info: ReeNoiP

5 years ago#2
Here are my missions. You can either search for the title or "reenoip" using the search option under UGC.

Ice soldier invasion part 1-4: A story about the ice soldiers. Lots of fighting in different areas. I really wish more people would play this :(

I can make it!: Minigame where you play spiderman with the lightning tether.

I can make it back again!: Same thing, but with a different setup and hard mode option.

If you have festival of blood I have:

Rebellion of the newborn: Short story where you stop vampire attacks

Feeding grounds: Another short story where you help some people.

Flight of the bats: Ring race using the flying ability from FoB.

Let me know what you think.

User Info: SneakyLink

5 years ago#3
I know what you mean about not a lot of people playing ur missions. I've only got like 1 play on a couple of my missions and idk if that's u or not but my missions are taking a long time to get noticed. I'm working on The Ice Empire 2 but I was getting close to finishing it but I needed to take a break because when I tested it, there were so many things wring that I missed. Gonna have to fix them tomorrow but if that series of missions become popular, ill make a topic on here telling people when they are coming into the UGC server. Sound good? I will also play your missions and review them just to let you know.

Ok enough of the chat;

War: located near the church in the south west side of new marais. VERY HARD TOO SO I'd RECOMMEND THAT PROFESIANOLS SHOULD PLAY THUS GAME.

User Info: ReeNoiP

5 years ago#4
I have played 3 of your missions now. I hate to say it, but I didn't think they were all that good.

The first one "Beasts" was OK. I fight a titan in a pretty interesting place (most titan fights seem to take place at the small park areas), but not much else is going on. Add some music to make it more enjoyable.

Second one "War" was the usual "kill a crapload of bunched up enemies" routine. I don't know about you, but I just don't find that fun. Run up, use ionic power, then head to a rooftop and spam cluster grenades until numbers are manageable.
Ice soldiers make things a bit more interesting as they follow you to the rooftop, but still. Try using smaller waves or have the player travel to different locations for different fights (maybe add a small story for good measure).

Last was "You choice". I chose the left option and the mission bugged out on me. The guy I'm supposed to follow just runs back and forth. I guess you are using a volume to check something as the "follow me" text retriggered after I ran around a little.

If you want the guy to lead Cole somewhere you can use this setup:

Monitor: All collected "good suitcase group"
Connect to
Script command: "leading guy group" lead player along path "waypoint path group"

Keep the waypoint path well away from stuff the civilian can run into.

User Info: AnubanUT

5 years ago#5
I am still enjoying the game (though I did come waaayy late to the party) so I will definitely look at these missions. Been playing Jedicam10 missions mostly. He does a really good job making even kill everything missions fun and interesting.

What is funny is that my first play through I hated the game ... the more advanced enemies and mini bosses seemed really cheap and I did not like many of the powers. Now after 6 play throughs and all but one trophy I have to say I still think the devs could have done better with the enemies being somewhat cheap but I really like this game.

I did each Side three times and still can't decide if I like Infamous Cole better than Hero Cole ... they each have their strengths and weaknesses but overall I lean towards Ice powers so Hero more than likely. However, nothing compares to Hellfire Rockets when it comes to fighting the larger bosses.

My one MAJOR problem with this game though is Nix ... such an awful awful character. But anyway I like doing kill and battle missions so bring them on. I hate timed missions and I hate doing lots of precise platforming so if you make these I will pass.
- "People who make '1000/1000' topics and 'I beat the game on the hardest difficulty' topics should be beheaded and quartered" - Me on a good day

User Info: SneakyLink

5 years ago#6
Oh ok thanks for the tips. Seems like there are a bunch of glitches in my missions and I apologize. If you played Your Choice yesterday, then play it again I made it where the civilian doesn't lead you to where ever, he just tells you they're down at the end of the road. Hope that helps things. I, obviously need much more work on my missions before publishment from now on. I try to get them done as fast as possible so more people can play it but that isn't working. So now I guess I'm going to have to take a day or two for ideas, testing, etc. Also please try out the ice empire if you haven't already. I would like to see what you think about it.
On war, if I made it to where Cole can't use ionic powers, would that make it more challenging? I think it would because I never though about using ionic powers and when I had to beat it, it took me a couple tries. Geeze it was hard though.But both missions will be fixed by tomorrow at 6:00 western time. Thank you for your input in my missions. It really helps me correct my future missions.

Do you know how to get featured missions? Lime when you put in the mission filters, it says featured. Thanks.

User Info: ReeNoiP

5 years ago#7
SneakyLink posted...

On war, if I made it to where Cole can't use ionic powers, would that make it more challenging? I think it would because I never though about using ionic powers and when I had to beat it, it took me a couple tries. Geeze it was hard though.But both missions will be fixed by tomorrow at 6:00 western time. Thank you for your input in my missions. It really helps me correct my future missions.

Frankly, no. This is just my personal opinion, but fighting that many enemies at once is just not fun, especially without ionic powers. It's not about challenge, it's about fun.

Think about it, how often did the official story or side missions have you fight around 30 clumped up enemies at the same time? Even the "power up the generator" missions had them come in waves of maybe 10 at a time (and no minigunners or crushers) and you just had to survive a set time near a unlimited recharge point, not attack a big blob.

What I like to do is set up more manageable encounters in different areas to spice things up.

For instance the first mission in my Ice soldier invasion series has you intervene in a fight between ice soldiers and militia in a small park, then follow a group of militia in order to find their hideout.

But the militia is ambushed along the way (new location) and you must defend them (despite the fact that they try to kill you) in order for them to move on. You then find their base at the cemetery and must defeat them.

But what is this? They are setting up to attack the old mansion near the water? Time to investigate.

The ice soldiers are using the mansion as a place to land an invasion force from Flood Town and they are using searchlight to signal reinforcements. Cole must now defeat the ice soldiers (including 2 crushers placed well apart so you fight one at a time) and unpower the searchlights.

That's 4 encounters of around 10-15 enemies at 4 locations. Each with different rules and enemy armament. And there is a reason for the fighting.

If I had just bunched all those enemies up in the park, the player would die in seconds if he leaves the rooftop.

Again this is just what I like to do. I have played great missions using waves at the same location or more spread out enemies as well.

Sure it's harder and more time consuming to set up all the logic, but I think the end result is worth it.

Do you know how to get featured missions? Lime when you put in the mission filters, it says featured. Thanks.

In the past featured missions were hand picked by sucker punch employees, but last I heard (which is quite a while ago) they had some automated system based on rating, number of plays and recommends.

Needless to say this has a self-enforcing effect on featured missions as most people seem to play using the featured filter. When my "I can make it!" mission got featured back around release, it jumped from around 20 plays to over 1000 very fast.

User Info: SneakyLink

5 years ago#8
So what your saying is that I should spread them out a bit?

User Info: EVEREF88

5 years ago#9
Yeah. Basically, scale them. Basically give them some, give them some more, give them even more. But keep it manageable or,as ReeNoiP says, fun.

A good example of this is my survival series W.I.C.K.E.D. Moreso W.I.C.K.E.D. 2: Meltdown and W.I.C.K.E.D. 3: Monster's Ball.

I slowly build the player up getting them used to fighting more and more enemies before finally throwing every thing but the kitchen sink at them in Round 10. Exception: W.I.C.K.E.D. 3 ^x^

From me personally... well, there's W.I.C.K.E.D. 1-3 which is a Survival/Horde mode series as mentioned and 'Descent: Rings of New Marais' which is a puzzle/platform/minigame prequel to W.I.C.K.E.D.

But on topic there are a lot of good missions out there, off the top of my head...

Scrapyard in the Sky 1 & 2
Legacy of Blood [FoB]
Conduit Conduit Parts 1-6
Planet of the Zeke's
The Tombstone Maze
A Day Off
The Rayahktin Plant
Amiri's Separation Parts 1 & 2
The Conduit Child
The Incorruptible Corrupted
Pseudo Conduits Parts 1-3
The Arena
Infamous Trivia 1 & 2
Stealing Truths
Climbing the Flying Neon
Electric Gear Solid 1-3
The Thirst [FoB]
Demon's Deal Parts 1 & 2 [FoB]
Mass Murderer [FoB]
Hand Crafted Boss Battle
Sabotage the Speech by SIM4727

If you'd rather search by authors, anything made by battleman36, bnfdhfdhfd, e-flat, Jedicame10, Modest-Genius, Mylo_Cordana, or RetroSteveUk is extremely enjoyable.

That's just off the top of my head. There's probably even more excellent missions and authors I forgot to mention but that should get you pointed in the right direction. =D
Electricity is really just organized lightning.

User Info: SneakyLink

5 years ago#10
Ok thanks for the tips guys. I think ill put my career of mission making to a break for awhile. Need to refresh my mind and come up with better ideas for my missions series.
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