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User Info: TheReaSolCutter

5 years ago#1
Finally played through most of this game. The good parts: nice backgrounds and some cool tricks like the silhouette stages and the 'zooming out' effect in some spots. Good voice acting for its style. A decent attempt at adding hidden areas in the levels. Mostly non-annoying use of motion control. Also, an OK but ultimately pointless attempt to add some depth to the combat move list. But the bad parts, including that the multitude of moves is mostly pointless (you can literally just press A... and A... and A...) outweigh the good for me. In conjunction with the repetitive combat is that the 'risk factor' is very low for your character. I understand many beat-em-ups are just 'bash A button', but at least in the good ones, you have a risk of death if you just plow through the enemies. Not so here. I also admire that they tried to use IR for the Batarang, but pointing at the objects quickly was clunky. Plus there was very little puzzle element with the Batarang (really only durnig a boss fight). And some of the art and interface was really fugly, like the 'grapple points' that appear as big minus icons (the button you press to launch the relevant tool), or the on screen reminders about shaking for a super move or how to use roll. Also, as nice as the art was, the animation could have used a frame or two (or 20) more for most characters. OK, maybe they animated as many steps as they did in the 16-bit era (and this game does feel like the designers cribbed a lot of feel from that period), but it looks clunky now and more than once I'd even see multiple bad guys simultaneously doing the same motion loop, the effect of which looked really cheap. I actually think Wayforward's Centipede game on Wii is a fair shade stronger game than this one. Still, I'm glad I bought it... and glad it's still worth some trade in credit. Using the curve of most mainstream gaming media, I'd probably give it between 5 and 6. 8 if you're a big Batman fan.

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