Golden Temple quest question

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User Info: GreatKiraLord

7 years ago#1
It saysI need to go to the fifth map or something, what does it mean? is it the golden temple stage 5 that they are talking about? If so...where is the treasure chest the game is talking about?
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User Info: JetAurion

7 years ago#2
When you first entered the 5th room for the first time, did you notice that you were on an elevated platform? You need to go a few rooms ahead, then "backtrack", so you end up on the "lower" portion of the 5th room.

User Info: ukbsktblldb13

7 years ago#3
Not trying to hijack your thread but I also have a Golden Temple Question - My current main quest states "Examine the Golden Temple" - mode to Golden Temple's Ground Floor. Examine the Gem Inside the Golden Temple. I have been all throughout the temple, what do I need to do

User Info: JetAurion

7 years ago#4
Did you examine the gem?

User Info: toobastos

7 years ago#5
ive posted this before.. you dont need to back track... theres a little somewhat glitch on the fifth floor.. all you need is a return portal.. the one that brings you to town

if you closely look at the 5th floor, to find that damn key, its on the lower level.. you can find it the harder way by going through the whole maze


you can use a return portal on the most right bridge on the top of the 5th level.. its the bridge that leads to the next map.. if you use it on the bridge and head back to town, youll enter but instead of returning on the top floor, youve moved to the bottom floor

you are welcome
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