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User Info: swatMUGEN

7 years ago#1
I've read IQ0's FAQs on KOF 12 and 13 and I'm stumped. Can someone please explain the system for these two games to me?
Such as:
What is Hyper Drive for?
What's that counter combo about (KOF 12)?
How much power do things take to perform?

The basic KOF stuff is easy, but as far as the new features like drive cancel, EX and NeoMAX moves, hyper drive, and custom combos go, I don't understand the mechanics.


User Info: Master_Magnus

7 years ago#2
This is all in the FAQs I guess. This is what I understand about the system:

Critical Counter: In XII, when your name flashes green and you counter your opponent you perform a Critical Counter, which allows you to juggle the opponent a lot.
Drive cancel: Allows you to cancel an attack, that is, perform an attack after another attack, without any delay.
Hyper Drive: A bar that fills up with attacks and allows you to cancel moves. Half a bar is needed to cancel a move onto another, the full bar allows you to enter MAX mode.
MAX mode: similar to the MAX mode in 2002, this allows you to make cheaper cancels and cancel an attack onto a NEOMAX for a while. Performing a NEOMAX automatically ends MAX mode.

User Info: silent0ne456

7 years ago#3
Hyper Drive Mode replaces the term MAX mode.

Drive Cancel cost 50% of the Drive Gauge or the green meter with the two bars from canceling one special into another special move.

EX attacks are like SFIV EX moves which cost 1 stock to use it. The DMs also have EX attacks which are more damaging and have different properties than the normal DMS. Its like SDM if you play previous KOF before and it cost 2 stocks to do EX DMs.

NeoMax costs 3 stocks. They are similar to HSDM from KOF 02 and LDM from KOF XI. One of those big flashy finishers.

Max Cancel is during Hyper Drive mode, cancel from a special move or DM intoa NeoMax. It costs 3 stocks and 100% of the Drive Gauge

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