A little more info on King of Fighters 13

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User Info: buddhi_jay

6 years ago#1
Take what you will from this.

This is a UK Exclusive!!! Thanks to La Mythik‘s Hokuto Youssef, we will have KOF XIII at the 2002um Tournament. There is no arcade with KOF XIII in the UK, and after Feb 06, it goes back to France. Don’t miss this chance to play XIII before the console release (still no official announcement on that! Probably won’t get a European release till summer!)
In the French style, we won’t charge you per play, instead there will be a one off charge of £5 so you can have unlimited plays between 13:00 – 18:00! Winner stays on: capped at 3 wins.


New videos:

La Mythik KoF XIII Streams Ready!:


**kof 13 19 décembre video is over 2 hours long**

Arcadia Rankings [Jan 2011 Issue]

A decent month for SNKP in the Japanese arcades it seems if the Arcadia Rankings are to be believed.
KOFXIII has finally moved up into 5th place in the Arcadia Rankings for the first time, after hovering around 6 and 7 since it’s release in Japan’s arcades earlier this year.


From the update from World Games Cup in France, which mentions good stuff like more 360 console setups with MOTW and 2k2um to play, they also state that KOF XIII will be at Tougeki, as long as it is released on February 8th.
Is this another case of lost in translation? The question is why would a console release make any difference to an arcade tournament?
We still hope SNKP just wait until the netcode is satisfactory before even announcing any release date.
Stay tuned…

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  3. A little more info on King of Fighters 13

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