Stews to use.

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User Info: rikku32

7 years ago#1
Here is a list of stews you can use.
Soapy----Soapy---Spicy------Soapy burps (Soapy stew trophy 25 villagers)
Soapy----Soapy---Sweet----Restores Health
Soapy----Spicy----Spicy----Nature is calling (makes them need the bathroom)
Soapy----Spicy----Sweet----The Grand Feast (Puzzle # 11 needs blackberries,fruit from tree,fish and mushroom)
Soapy----Sweet----Sweet---Soapy hiccups (hiccup trophy 25 villagers)
Spicy-----Spicy-----Spicy---Makes them drink from the stream
Spicy-----Spicy-----Sweet---Yummy/hiccups(everyone drinks causes hiccups)
Spicy-----Sweet----Sweet---Yummy (everyone drinks restores some health)
Sweet----Sweet----Sweet---Honor the tree (Puzzle 14, needs 20 villagers)
Pulpy vine----Pulpy vine---Pulpy vine------NASTY (bitter)

Soapy---Soapy---Soapy----SOAP----(needed for Puzzles 4 and 15)
Pulpy vine----Pulpy vine----Pulpy vine---Once made needs to be refined (villager will take it to a flat rock, after its poured out onto the rock,you can use one villager 10 times or you can use two villagers 5 times.It just hast to be 100% ,.

FRESH WATER is at the top of the stairs where you did the clear the stream puzzle(bowls)
SALT WATER is where you got the keystone for clear the stream puzzle(bowls)
Soapy plant-white flower at the bottom left next to th lab stairs
Sweet plant-yellow flower at the top of the lab area
Spicy plant-red/orange flower at the left side of the tree of life, along the wall
Pulpy vines--right behind the fire area on the wall.

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