Good offroad car for the B4 championship?

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User Info: pouyas_hummer

6 years ago#1
My Hummer H3 is struggling to even keep up with all other SUV's
what all did u guys have to beat this?

User Info: Thompson

6 years ago#2
I am about to participate in the B4 event too, and heard that the Hummer is worthless, so I'd go for either the Volkswagen Touareg or the Range Rover; I am considering the Touareg myself.

User Info: pouyas_hummer

6 years ago#3
Hmm, ok cool
I think I'll get the Tourage too.
I love those cars

User Info: Onani_Master

6 years ago#4
I wouldn't bother with the H3... the Range Rover and Touareg will do just fine.

User Info: pouyas_hummer

6 years ago#5
Wow, when people dissed on the H3 I was really confused why cuz I actually liked it.

but the Tourage puts it into shame :D

User Info: ilikefords

6 years ago#6
Yeah, I used the Hummer. Not to bad for the championship, but for the Ibiza Cup.....what a piece of crap. I restarted the race about 30 times.
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User Info: DanielF430

6 years ago#7
i got a range rover, i LOVE IT. beat everyone by a mile!
PSN: drifting-prodigy

User Info: jamieeng

6 years ago#8
I used the Hummer and won easily, but if you can't do it, buy the Range Rover. You win the Touraeg. But you really can't win in the Hummer???
PSN: jamiemb

User Info: fcpidolo

6 years ago#9
Range Rover is the best. If you see the leaderboard, all the people with the best scores used Range Rovers, not to mention is probably the best B4.
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User Info: Goth493

6 years ago#10
I had little problems with the H3 for the B4 championship. Of course after I won Ryan's Touareg, H3 saw nothing but garage time. After I found all of the wrecks though, that buggy is up there, though it is a B2.
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