100% (or close) savegame

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User Info: geminihc

6 years ago#1
i've played this game enough and getting extremely repetitive. and the hassle of buying houses/cars/points is getting annoying. i just want to screw around now.

i understand that is the point of the game, but im ready to spoil myself now and leave it on the shelf to dust.

if anyone has a very complete game, please post.


User Info: Frisco557

6 years ago#2
I think the saves are locked to accounts, or atleast online ones are

User Info: geminihc

6 years ago#3
the singleplayer is not, as i've d/led one already and it works.

User Info: unbornchaos

6 years ago#4
There is a savegame? o.O Where?
Can u give me a link to dl it maybe? ><
Would really appreciate that~ XD

User Info: Disturbed_88

6 years ago#5

just found this on youtube:


and here is the download link to a megaupload file (downloaded and working for me):


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