Can't Play Anymore?

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User Info: BreakerXtreme

6 years ago#1
hi, me and my friend can't play anymore... we start the games
at the tdu2 menu we press start (choose our stockage harddrive) and we get stock in a eternal loading what the hell going on? ,are we the only one expiriencing this problem
if someone get the same probleme or find a solution please answer us thanks!
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User Info: garrett686

6 years ago#2
look at the two other posts, im having the same problem. Maybe they are fixing the servers. This game is trash right now anyways.

User Info: WhoIsTheDrizzle

6 years ago#3
im goin through this too -_-
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User Info: CluBBedToDeAth

6 years ago#4
Mine's doing the same thing right now. Just endless menu shots of a One-77 in different camera angles

EDIT: Tried unplugging the ethernet and starting, which worked. Plugged it back in and he sends me back to the main menu loop.
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User Info: ScareCrow361

6 years ago#5
same here, i was playing about 20 mins ago then went to the dashboard for a bit. Came back 15 mins later and get the same loading screen as described. I guess maybe they are fixing something. I also find it odd when i log in i see players but after a while they go away. I can see people on the map but not in game.

User Info: openfist

6 years ago#6
Same for me, so yeah...there's something up with the servers. I noticed right before I stopped playing a little while ago it was laggy for me when online cars were passing so hopefully they're fixing that.

User Info: thml7

6 years ago#7
Same here!....

Just play off-line until is fixed.

User Info: AssassinsRreal

6 years ago#8
Disconnect from live, start the game offline then reconnect
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User Info: LiamSmith016

6 years ago#9
We can't do that if we're connected wirelessly.
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User Info: Uziboo

6 years ago#10
Fail for assassin... Once you reconnect it kicks you back out
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