Game saves ?

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User Info: DISTURBED876

6 years ago#1
I'm about to rent this game to finally judge it. If I like this game which is most probably going to happen im definitely buying it.

I want to know if there still is a chance of game saves being randomly corrupted.

User Info: Zephidboy

6 years ago#2

Yes there is, but apparently Atari is working on fixing it.

I lost my save when I had the first island totally done. Fortunately I hadn't gone to Oahu yet.

If you are concerned about it, make sure you back up your save file onto a USB drive.

User Info: DISTURBED876

6 years ago#3
Wow lol I honestly don't have a USB drive. There has to be another way of backing saves up.

User Info: Darkness3389

6 years ago#4
No you get only one save slot per device and it auto-saves whenever you push start. Make sure you don't quit or turn off your 360 when it has the little icon on the right side of the screen that is spinning, but that still doesn't guarantee that your save file won't be corrupted. Mines already got corrupted 2 times and both times I never quit or turned off my 360 while the auto save was saving. Backing up a save with a USB or if you have the arcade 360 like I do use the memory stick they give you. Those are the only way to ensure you saves work.
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User Info: pothole567

6 years ago#5
He's right I feel like I am religious when it comes to not turning off my 360 when something is saving, abd made sure I did not in this game and guess what. "Game Save Corrupted", I lost it all, now I am an absolute 0 again. I am now making it mandatory to save a back-up and not get lazy about it.
This is unreal how screwy this game is.

User Info: pothole567

6 years ago#6
Typo: Made sure I did in this game.

User Info: WayOfTheSword

6 years ago#7
Do you make your save file from within the game in the pause menu (where it gives you the option to change device)?

Or do you exit to the dashboard and then back up an already existing save file?

Also, I have a USB stick, but it has PC files on it - although there is still over 5 GB of free space on it. Will I be able to use the stick "as is" by just putting it in my 360, or do i have to format it specially for Xbox saves?

Thanks in advance.
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