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User Info: amitshah

6 years ago#1
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Life is a website dedicated to improving your social interactions within the world of TDU.

We provide clubs with the tools they need to organize, socialize and enjoy TDU2 with their members. Each club receives a personal forum, where they can plan events and discuss anything they wish, with their fellow members! Everything is ready for you, all you need to do is sign up and have fun!

We also have just released a fully-interactive map of Ibiza and Oahu, which is exclusive to Test Drive Unlimited 2 Life. Using the powerful Google Maps API, users can access our interactive maps from virtually anywhere. You can explore the islands of TDU2 with
stunning in-game textures, so you know exactly where you are looking. You can filter what you see, by enabling and disabling layers, so if you don’t want to know about
something, you won’t have to. Clicking on a location will provide you with detailed
information and images, helping you pinpoint the exact location!

We hope you come and join us at Test Drive Unlimited 2 Life!

TDU2 Life - Is not just a regular fan site it will be complete club directory of every TDU2 club in existence for all platforms XBOX, PS3 and PC.

What TDU2 Life offers you:
- Your own webspace for your club.
- Your own club forums.
- Your personal mini-blog. (think twitter)
- Lots of potential club members browsing clubs to join.
- TDU2 Map - the most advanced map created so far.

We have: 188 Members and 37 Clubs signed up already.

User Info: Helo03

6 years ago#2
already registered, but for some reason, i can´t log in. i don´t get any error message at all, and both, password and name are correct yet still it just reloads the page when ever i try to log in.

User Info: ducain1

6 years ago#3
have you confirmed your account on your email....
GT: ducain238

User Info: amitshah

6 years ago#4
let me check that for you Helo03

User Info: amitshah

6 years ago#5
whats your username? its not Helo03..

User Info: 500whpSRT4

6 years ago#6
So does the map actually work? Because everytime I use it nothing comes up on Hawaii but the airport....

User Info: ShaiHulud732

6 years ago#7
Why dosnt the map for hawaii work?

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#8
map doesn't work
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User Info: billdog

6 years ago#9
works fine for me :)
Xbox Live GT- Vladimir86

User Info: amitshah

6 years ago#10
it does work. we so far have ibiza done.

We still are working on populating Hawaii's map.

you can help by following the link on the map page.
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