Receiving updates ... 1561.27 MBs?!

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User Info: myzz7

6 years ago#1
Oh really?

Does this fix the camera and other things that people first complained about when the beta initially released?
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User Info: foxfai

6 years ago#2
Nope, it's just from closed beta to open beta.

User Info: foakleys12

6 years ago#3

Why is it taking forever to download? Taken me like an hour to download 200MB

User Info: EVEREF88

6 years ago#4
That's about the standard/average size for a beta. If you really thought that little 400ishmb store download was really all there was, you must be new to this.
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User Info: clo24

6 years ago#5
get a better internet

User Info: k9rnmd

6 years ago#6
Posted ----- get a better internet

Lame! troll harder.
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User Info: noob_gamerguy

6 years ago#7
Really? It's been half a day and I can't even play this game yet. Took 30min to download, 4 minutes to install, 5 minutes to update firmware, then NOW I'm prompted with a receiving updates screen that is at 3% after a whole hour. Damm they $uck

User Info: icelt

6 years ago#8
Took me several hours throughout the day yesterday to finally get it as well. However keep this in mind as a tip, if you stop the download at any point by quitting the game when you restart it later the download will resume where you left off. So at least that is nice.... I guess.
PSN: icelt
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User Info: Rampage254

6 years ago#9
I was just about to make a topic about this. I guess I wasn't the only one experiencing this. It sucks cause I don't have the best Internet around, so it's going to take a long time for it to finish.
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User Info: clark3783

6 years ago#10
I was a bit thrown off by that too. lol. 400 MB from the store, 37 for an update, then 1500 mb. Totally worth it though.
PSN: clark3783
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  3. Receiving updates ... 1561.27 MBs?!

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