Stuck in Spider Tomb, Spinning Death Wheel of Doom

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User Info: chefboy210

7 years ago#1
Topic, How?

My friend and I are able to stop it with bombs. But when we try to grapple the golden ring above the wheel we die or it just get cut. Even while the wheel is stationary.

User Info: Chris_Watters

7 years ago#2
You're talking about the bridge at the end with the spike roller? When I did it coop, I had Lara grapple the ring from a good distance away. Then Totec walks up the rope, plants a bomb and walks back down. Lara has to be backpedalling here to make sure the rope doesn't rest on the spike roller. Once both characters are back on the bridge, Totec detonates the bomb to set the spike thing rolling. Plant a bomb, back away, then detonate when the roller is over the bomb. This pops it up into the air and you can roll under it to safety, victory, and everlasting glory.

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

7 years ago#3
if it's the spike roller, I shot the TNT to let it loose, then jumped off the side of the bridge (to hang from it, not jumping right off XD ).
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User Info: chefboy210

7 years ago#4
Yup... within 20 seconds of reading your comment my friend and I achieved everlasting glory.
Thanks friend.

User Info: belgarath238

7 years ago#5
Shoot the TNT to release the spike roller. Then you can either hang off the side or plant a bomb to blast it in the air and run under it.

User Info: Tnykuuh

7 years ago#6
In co-op there's no TNT, it is replace by a grapple ring.

What you have to do is make Lara Grapple the ring and hold it and than Totec can jump on the grapple (tight rope) climb up and bomb the mechanism to release the rotating spike trap.
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User Info: jb21_us

7 years ago#7
I just hung off the edge of the bridge till it rolle doff after I planted the bomb to get it guys were over thinking
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