How is Portal Connected to Half-Life?

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User Info: DemiIynx

6 years ago#1
In Still Alive, they said something about Black Mesa, and I didn't remember him, so I Googled it and it was from Half-Life. I've also heard that they found some sort of Aperature ship or something in Half-Life? What's the connection?
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User Info: Lollybomb

6 years ago#2
Spoilers for HL2:ep2
Toward the end they play a video sent from Mossman, and in this video is the Borealis. The Borealis is a science vessel originally from Aperture Science (you can even see their name and logo on the side) which contains some unknown technology that would apparently be really bad news if it fell into the hands of the Combine.
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User Info: rufflebean

6 years ago#3

You can also find the harbor where the borealis went missing during one of Aperture's experiments
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User Info: Ratsneve

6 years ago#4

Lollybomb posted...
Spoilers for HL2:ep2
Toward the end they play a video...

Cool...I would have mistakenly said there was no connection. Do you know then why both were packaged as The Orange Box?

Is Half-Life 2 ever going to continue with Episode Three? I thought they had something good going but maybe not.

User Info: Outlaw_Marshall

6 years ago#5
^Not sure if we will ever see episode 3, but they will make a new Half Life game.

User Info: Radar

6 years ago#6
In the first Portal, there were rooms that had slide-shows about beating Black Mesa. It's not connected as much as it's in the same universe. I put it at highly doubtful of any serious meshing of the two games.
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User Info: ljgf

6 years ago#7
They're set in the same universe. Black Mesa and Aperture were competitors before the events of Half Life 1 and the take-over of Aperture by glados.

User Info: Doopdroo

6 years ago#8
They were originally competitors with Black Mesa (way back when Aperature was running its first series of experiments) but Black Mesa got all the good goverment contracts. Aperature went slowly downhill as their leader went insane and their budget got cut back more and more, until they ended up with a tiny budget, mandatory testing for all employees, and for some reason a huge walk-out rate.

User Info: sth128

6 years ago#9
Like a poster said above, the Borealis (which you sort of encounter in this game) is seen near the end of HL2 episode 2. Mossman made a comment that implied its importance.

We know that Aperture created the portal technology which Black Mesa was never able to successfully replicate (recall Gordon's transportation at the beginning of HL2, also the original HL lab accident), and that the Combine, along with their overwatch (or whatever those slug creatures are called) came through some inter-dimensional portal. I imagine whatever technology is on board the Borealis might hold the key to defeat, or at least stop the Combine.

As for GlaDOS and the Aperture science facility, there aren't many direction connections to the events in Half Life. However we shall see when EP3 comes out...

(Maybe Gordon will also sing a song at the end of HL2EP3 LOL)
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