RE: Portal 2 Is Offensive Toward Orphans (Possible Spoilers)

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User Info: billsquaredd69

4 years ago#1
lol what a joke,if the father of this clip actually played the game all the way through,he would know that chell wasnt adopted lol thats the joke lol

User Info: _0blivion_

4 years ago#2
You are ignorant and behind. The game is rated E for everyone.

User Info: platinumkiwi

4 years ago#3
Uh, Chell WAS adopted, they never say anything otherwise. I hope you don't believe that asinine fan-theory that Cave and Caroline are her parents.

User Info: ScarletShin

4 years ago#4
ibainesy 1 month ago

omg. these people are as dumb as Wheatley. This line wasn't poking fun at adopted children, nor was it poking fun at%uFEFF fat people (which they didn't bring up for some reason I woulda thought that fat people everywhere would be shocked at that line also *sarcasm*) this line is directly making fun of Wheatley and Wheatley alone. This is making fun of his inability to successfully mock the character in an intelligent way, by making him say something that a 3 year old would say to make fun of another.
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