The "Unfair" Duel in 4-10

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User Info: Sketchie

7 years ago#1
4-10 is the duel between you and a Witch. You need to bring in the opposite adjective of the Witch's summons to be able to defeat hers and move on to the next one. For example, she summons a White Titan, and to defeat it you need to make a Black Titan. Anything else will just make your creations disappear.

The problem is that your creations will never win the duel as her summons will always get the first hit in AND you cannot bring out another copy even if the previous one has died. The only way I could to clear this puzzle was putting "Invincible" at the beginning of each creation, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Is there even any legit way of finishing 4-10?
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User Info: crossinganimal2

7 years ago#2
I did it without using invincible... trying to remember what creatures I used...
I think for the white titan, I summoned a Black Dragon, which handily won.

User Info: chaostdk

7 years ago#3
i used creatures like cthulu, god, and a shambler (the first creature), putting in respective adjectives. never lost.

User Info: DeadpoolWins

7 years ago#4
You just have to make the opposite adjective. You don't have to have a black titan. You can have a black anything.

Black God works well.
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User Info: Ultima_Rarus

7 years ago#5
You don't have to match her noun. You just need to use an opposing adjective. I beat her "Warm Golem" with my "Cool Mecha."
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User Info: NinjaLGuy

7 years ago#6
Use strong items, I was able too pass with some pretty ridiculous things, A lot of things work, Just use powerful creatures, like dragons, god, Cthulu, Shoggath, Death, and Dinosaurs on the later creatures. Adjectives can also allow a freaking mouse to win against one of them.

User Info: apolloooo

7 years ago#7
even a friggin bra can win - join the Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword fanpage on facebook -where zelda fans unite-

User Info: pokedude900

7 years ago#8
I beat the dry sandworm with a wet man. <_<
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User Info: CBMatt

7 years ago#9
Hilarious. I thought this was one of the easiest and most enjoyable levels of the game. For what it's worth, Death gets a one-hit kill.

User Info: JerisGS

7 years ago#10
I beat 4-10 fairly. I didn't use any adjectives except the opposite of the witches monster (as instructed).

Cold Chimera for example beat whatever the hot monster was.
Black god beat the white titan
I also used a dragon for the first or 2nd one. His fire breathing killed it easy.
I forget what I used on the sand worm.
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