Post step-by-step instructions to make some cool stuff.

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User Info: nikko004

7 years ago#1
Bounce fest
Ridable ultrasonic big ball (big for the right size)
4 invincible immovable colossal tramps (place at all 4 sides making it like a cage)

1. Ride on the ball
2. Place the bottom tramp first.
3. get up on the bottom tramp.
4. Put the side tramps
5. (this one takes timing) place the top tramp when maxwell is INSIDE the tramp frame.
6. Move around and start bouncing crazily!

you can also use Ridable ultrasonic tame bouncy (object here)
Caution: you might pass through the frame and fly off screen.

I believe i know another one...
Robotic death
5 or more robots
1 (insert victim here)
1 emp/ emp grenade

1 .place the 5 robots close to each other
2. place victim in the center of the robots
3. activate EMP
4. wait
5. profit.

Real attack copter
1 Rabauld
1 Glue
1 helicopter (you can also use other flying vehicles or hell just a car.)

1. eh... you prolly know how this goes.
2. keep tapping rabauld to attack.

Another thing you can use with the rabauld
1 rabauld
1 glue

1. glue to self
2. put rabauld to self
3 keep tapping it and bullets will be flying everywhere.

Enough of mine how about yours?
cuz im awesome that way.

User Info: shinobiblaze

7 years ago#2
The flying spinning sword!
-Make a nice boomerang
-Now add on any weapon to the boomerang
-Make sure you actualy tap the thing your attacking or it'll fall down when it hits an object

A small Flame
-Spawn a frostbreathing flamethrower
-Tap to fire
-Fire stays on!

-spawn any normal human being
-make 2 friendly wieldable cthulus
-make the man ride one of the cthulus
-let that cthulu wield the other cthulu
"Then she loaded two of every bullet type onto a boat and then she beat the bombs out of them."- Suwako Tzu
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  3. Post step-by-step instructions to make some cool stuff.

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