chromespy, magic ammo, cheat mode

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User Info: whackazog

7 years ago#1
anyone know what chromespy does in the dev menu? Thers perf. events, both.

and whats cheat mod, like god mod isnt? What does magic ammo do.

GCW has a config file or some such to enable dev mode, has options like mentioned.
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User Info: Ominous_Penguin

7 years ago#2

magic ammo means infinite ammo. Even with knives, grenades and C4.

I'm guessing chrome spy is a separate application for debugging etc and the settings in the game determine what is output to that program.

I think the only thing god mode does ismake you invulnerable.

I'm guessing cheat mode enables some cheats such as turning off collision detection, fly mode, etc (I don't want to call it noclip mode because I don't want to perpetuate that incorrect term) I have no idea how they are accessed though.

Something you may not have discovered: The Pause/Break key enables a free flying camera which can be controled with the arrow keys. Also try holding shift and tapping an arrow key a few times.

The OP has obviously discovered how to access the dev menu but here it is for anyone wanting to try it out:

1. open C:\Program Files (x86)\City Interactive\Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game\Data0.pak with an archive tool like 7-Zip.

2. Extract debugconf.scr from the Data folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\City Interactive\Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game\Data

3. Uncomment line 29-31:

Cheats() (although I cant find any use for it)

4. In game, use numpad * to access Dev menu. The Numpad toggle key toggles slomo. The numpad / key toggles fastmo. Numpad 3 drops some 3d text at the crosshair saying 'No Mesh'

5. If you discover anything new please let us know!

Note: Using the free camera while in the final stage of bullet cam when the target is hit can cause the camera to be stuck in that location.

User Info: Ominous_Penguin

7 years ago#3

oops no it doesnt give unlimited grenades.

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