boots of the dark empyrean?

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User Info: j3rmz08

5 years ago#1
I just finished the scholia arcana, and at the end of it, I have three pieces of the dark empyrean armor set. robe, helm, and gloves. has anyone gotten the boots? And if so, was it during this quest line? I feel like i missed something somewhere...

User Info: shesmycain

5 years ago#2

I think I got my boots from the 1st Archania quest.

User Info: Ciberclaw

5 years ago#3
Boots were the very first ones i got.
GT: Ciberclaw

User Info: eol_is

5 years ago#4

Yup, the boots were in Aodh ruins, in Sidhe. You get them when you kill that possesed apprentice.

User Info: massivepotato

5 years ago#5
yeah it is in the chest which is in the room where you defeat the boss of the dungeon. It has a hard dispel on it. I just tried auto dispel and cured myself cuz I just suck at it.

btw does anyone remember where you get the robe?

User Info: thsSunShine

5 years ago#6
I'm fairly certain the robes came from Skycrown, though i could be wrong. I remember a warded chest in the middle of one of the last rooms.
On that note, all I'm missing is the hat. Someone wanna just post the locations of all 4? I've been searching the internet, game's too new for all this stuff to be written down yet. -_-

User Info: Paulxpz

5 years ago#7

i think i might have accidentally destroyed them when i ran out of inventory space.. and i'm too far now to go back to an early save dammit!! i keep visiting all the shops i've uncovered hoping that i might have just sold them.. so far nothing it's driving me mad!! i've also looked in the stash at one of my homes.. nothing it's so infuriating! PLEASE someone tell me this isn't the best set of mage gear in the game.. if it is i'd feel like such an idiot for not having the complete set.. so far i haven't visited adessa nor have i gone to the winter fae lands.(i'm also level 32).. if anyone is jas progressed farther than me please give me some hope that there is a better set out there

User Info: thsSunShine

5 years ago#8
I don't think it's quite the *best* set in the game. It's pretty low in terms of armor unless it scales according to when you get it. The only really useful thing it has is +2 to all scorcery abilities (which can go past max level). The problem is, you get a twist of fate that gives +1 before you can finish the set, and they overlap, so with both, you still only get +2. I didn't even equip the whole set when I finally found the hat.

On that note, I did find the hat, it's on the Dark Empyrean's corpse.

User Info: Paulxpz

5 years ago#9

well i guess i can live with not having the boots i think what pisses me off more is the fact that i don't have a complete set equipped rather than the stats themselves.. maybe i'll find another set that looks good (and is complete) in alabastra when i get there i just hope i get to use it for more than a few missions

User Info: sektorL33T

5 years ago#10
Sorry first time posting maybe this will help... here is the chest that drops the boots. It's not off the boss so I can assume you can get it even after you have already done the quest. With that said I looted the chest as I finished the Trial By Fire quest.
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