How are the mouse and keyboard controls?

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User Info: DylanX570

5 years ago#1
I downloaded the demo on PS3, and pretty much fell in love, but that's not what this is about.

The controls felt like they were designed for a console or gamepad, as every button had a function, the camera style, etc. Just wondering how this plays out on PC. I've never really played a hack-n-slash (unless you count Diablo 2) on PC. This game reminds me more of a God of War type combat, and i don't see how that translates to the mouse and keyboard.

So did anyone have problems with the fast-paced combat style on mouse/keyboard?

I have EXTREMELY, extremely slow internet speeds, so it would probably take me nearly to release to download the PC demo.

User Info: giocare

5 years ago#2
I had trouble switching weapons to make combos, since on the PC you have to scroll your mouse wheel to change weapons and it takes too long.

User Info: Viper114

5 years ago#3
As I mentioned before, they're a bit wonky. Sometimes dodging goes in a direction I don't want it to. Other times when I try to attack, it attacks something else due to weird targeting. Trying to dash requires maybe two presses of Ctrl rather than the intended one. Etc, etc...

They aren't god awful and unplayable controls, just not all that smooth for the PC.
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User Info: The_Abhorrent

5 years ago#4
Having played the Xbox 360 and Steam-PC demos (for comparison purposes).... yeah, the PC controls are not very good. Not unplayable, but this game is clearly meant to be played with a controller; to compare the situation to that of Skyrim's default UI (also made for controllers), KoA's PC version is significantly worse off. If you're going to get the PC version, by hook or by crook, find some way to play with a controller.

The first thing is that the mouse controls the camera, and the default settings are WAY too sensitive (thankfully, they can be turned down in the demo); the console version was also a bit too sensitive, but nowhere near as bad. The other issue with the controls was using the mouse wheel to switch them, which was a downgrade from the console version where each weapon has it's own dedicated button. Graphically? Not much a difference in the demo.

And if I may interject with my own question (okay, two questions), which will probably be the deciding question(s) for which version of the game I'll end up getting....

Does the PC version have the option to use a controller in the default settings?
And if yes, how does one use it?
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User Info: giocare

5 years ago#5
^ according to this topic you can use a 360 controller and the game automatically detects it

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
5 years ago#6
I had trouble switching weapons to make combos, since on the PC you have to scroll your mouse wheel to change weapons and it takes too long.

Or just hit whatever you set the "switch weapon" key to, and quickly do it mid-combo without breaking stride.
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User Info: toddx77

5 years ago#7

I played a little bit of the demo but not much.  The controls did feel like they were a bit more for controller but I still had fun using my mouse and keybaord and still plan on buying this for pc.  If you have played Darksiders on PC the combat controls are pretty similar.

User Info: dynodude

5 years ago#8
Fortunately the game automatically recognizes a 360 controller. I know some people are intent on not using a controller because they think console gaming is a joke, but for those who are reasonable you can easily play with the smooth controls of the console version and the better frame rate of the PC version.
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User Info: Slash_out

5 years ago#9
The fact that you can't change movements keys is ridiculous beyond belief.

First WASD are the only movements keys, no arrows, I never use arrows, but I'll explain why this is bothersome here.

My keyboard is AZERTY, meaning if I want to move forward, my ONLY option is to press W on my keyboard, which is in the same space as the Z on a QWERTY keyboard. It's just annoyingly painful.
There is no .ini file to change movements keys, you can't change it in the options, and you can't use the old time alternative, the arrow keys. So I'm stuck having to press the forward key which is below the other movements keys.

Which genius thought of : "Ok let's make every key binding customisable BUT movement keys"?

So right now I don't know... will I have to go through this painfuly useless experience in the full game?
Using a gamepad on my pc makes me laugh. Just the though of it.. brrrr.. but I might not have a choice if they won't let me change the movements key biding...

User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#10
controller is slightly faster for switching between functions such as blocking, secondary weapons and alternate spells. You also dont need to take your thumb off the stick for movement while switching/using spells. While you have to for the keyboard basically halting one of your direction movements.

Mouse is faster for using specific spells since you only need to hit 1 button instead of 2 and you still have full control over the camera at all times. this element is the biggest im finding since the games auto adjust for the camera is really sloppy(atleast in the demo). this also gives the movement and combat a faster and more fluid feel. Using potions are also easier on the keyboard since you dont need to completely halt your movement unlike the controller since you need to take your thumb off the left stick to use them. Menu navigation is also MUCH faster with the mouse.

specific combos are about the same though personally i feel the mouse makes them easier to pull off, but that might just be me and my faster finger movement. switching combos between primary and secondary are a little faster for a controller.

honestly theyre both about even and in general comes down to which you prefer, be it better movement or faster combos.
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