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User Info: itsrumsey

5 years ago#1
Hey gamefaqs its me rumsey, the guy who set up the backpack and trainer location guide on the 360 forum: .

Due to a bug in Amalur I am now forced to play any tree besides Might, so I chose finesse. I wanted to max a trapper / bow master who doesn't use blades at all but I didn't know that the max an arrow quiver could hold is 10 arrows, so that pretty much shot down my idea of a "pure arrow" class. To see more info on the bug I got as well as the build I'm going to attempt, see here:

Well I wrote a trainer for infinite arrows so I could mess around with the build anyway :)
Not sure on the rules as far as releasing trainers on the board goes but it if I'm violating one, you guys let me know and I'll delete this post. For anyone else who wants to try out having an infinite arrow supply (should work for Origin as well as Steam), below is a link to the trainer. Please don't redistribute without a link to this original post, thanks.

Infinite Arrow Trainer:
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