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User Info: garavel

5 years ago#1
So what actually happens if i kill a NPC without anyone seeing the murder?
I just killed a NPC in his home without anyone seeing and it said "Crime - Murder" and there was also another NPC in the house and he became aggressive ( he became red on map)
But when i got out of the house guard were acting as they normally did, they weren't aggressive or anything.

So am i a criminal now? Or not? I so don't get it.

User Info: yuiidragon

5 years ago#2
I don't think the guards are telepathic like in Skyrim. Not 100% sure though. Haven't committed any crimes myself.
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User Info: Gladestone1

5 years ago#3

Save the game find out if some thing bad happens reload easy as pie..I like pie myself )..

User Info: Solidus1978

5 years ago#4
I know one thing, don't kill the vendors in this game because it will hamper you in the long run. Early in the game I went on a killing spree in Gohart and I killed everybody including the vendor that sold the backpack upgrade. I figured somebody else would spawn there in a few days to take her spot to sell the goods, well they don't spawn new NPC's. Now I can never get the backpack upgrade in Gohart and I'm finding myself running out of bag space frequently. Plus, I can't sell anything there either, so make sure you don't kill any important NPC vendor or trainers in this game.
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User Info: IqarP15

5 years ago#5
can't wait for the guide to come out cause this game is terrible at explaining things...

User Info: GamerOuTLaWz

5 years ago#6

@solidius ....why would you do that exactly? if youre not planing to reload after?? wtf

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