Pure rogue archer build advice

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User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

I'll be getting KoA soon and I am planning my build but I need advice from more experienced players.

I'd like to play an archer so I think I should be maxing out archer's talents and rely on shadow flare and poison a lot, with the occasional trap for good measure (don't want to spend too much time laying out traps).
I also think archers are underpowered at the beginning of the game so I'm gonna use daggers a little at that time.

Would this build be viable and fun ?
Level 4 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000330500004000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Level 12 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000336500056130300121000000000000000000000000000000000
Level 26 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000336500056431500455004656410000000000000000000000000

PS: I don't want to respec my character to get rid of abilities I need early on.

User Info: Yojimaru

5 years ago#2
You may want to invest more in the daggers (or faeblades) so you have something decent to fall back on while your arrows regenerate, also the special moves help you get more fate during combat.
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User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#3
dont do archery it sucks bad......focus on poisons magic daggers and faeblades

invest just a few points in magic and get those disk things,,,,,those are aewsome,,

dont do archery it sucks,,,use points instead on other stealth moves,,,,at higher levels you never have time to pull the string on youre bow and it becomes not fun,,,,mixing up some magic and stealth is better,,,,, just dont do archery...

if you do and realize im right no worries go to a fateweaver and have youre points reassighned
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User Info: dlharp2

5 years ago#4
archery is best when you have scatter shot.

it can kill enemies in one hit from point blank.

User Info: tzar_666

5 years ago#5
just be glad you have fateweavers just incase you make a character you dont like
"questions are a burden to others and a danger to you"- cleveland brown

User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#6
tzar_666 posted...
just be glad you have fateweavers just incase you make a character you dont like

That is very right, I wish more games included a respec "mod" instead of punishing the player if we don't like our noob build.

In light of your comments, I think I will wait until level 8 before investing in bows and rely on daggers instead. I know a lot of players prefer faeblades and chakrams but I will see how daggers fare ;)

I will also forget about frost traps since it will allow me to invest points in melee combat instead. I still don't want to go the stealth route since it will allow me to try the ranged combat quicker instead, that and I generally don't like stealth combat much ;)

I just got the game so this is what I'm going for :
Level 7 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000361503006000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Level 15 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000366503036030003415000000000000000000000000000000000
Level 27 : http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000366503056031003455034656410000000000000000000000000

User Info: Ethereal_Omni

5 years ago#7
I was rocking a pure archer build then I switched it from pure archer to archer an sorc now I use Chakrams for when I run out of arrows an a bow the bow I use does 171 damage 50 hysical 21pierce an the rest is in lightning an then it gives a 10% boost to lightning damage a charged shot does about 450-500 lol not counting bleed an poison so I would assume a pure archer is doable but not till you can get an awesome bow.

User Info: wolfy42

5 years ago#8
Archery is pretty OP if you have even a semi decent bow. The trick is to charge your shots...don't just fire them off as fast as you can. Charged shots do tons of damage and take down enemies fast.

Used in combo with dodging/rolls and other evasive manuvers (shield bash, the rush ability etc) and you can use your bow quite well even in melee range without any chance of getting hit.

As you upgrade your bow abilities you'll have both more arrows, and more utility with the bow. Eventually it becomes so powerful you rarely need to use spells at all even with a universal build like I have.

For me the big bonus abilities in the finesse tree are dagger mastery (best melee weapons in the game) bow masteries (best ranged damage in the game), assassin's bonus (higher sneak attack damage) and smoke bomb (the skill that boosts crit damage is nice too). The rest are blah pretty much. I get all my special attacks for free from last tier of universal destiny. My dagger damage freaking rocks for melee and my ranged damage is top notch as well.

Meanwhile I also have both the summon and protection bonus from sorcery (along with the reduction in ability costs), and the bonus hp, instant heal, boosted block, shield bash etc from melee tree.

There really is no real reason to spec in only 1 tree that I have seen. Dual tree's just don't give as good a destiny bonus as triple trees and your forced in to taking too many abilities that don't really help etc.

I'd max daggers early on, 1 point in assassin for sneak attacks.....then 1 point in bow mastery and 2 into the piercing skill for bows. Thats your first 10 points in finesse. You need 10 points in all 3 to get 3rd tier destiny. From there you can put 7 more points into bow skills and you'll be rocking with both daggers and bow attacks.

Second universal destiny gives you +1 to ALL skills...it only takes 4 points in each tree...and your not going to get that large of a bonus with any other destiny path.
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User Info: GundamFanT

5 years ago#9
Archery definitely doesnt suck. It really only has 2 real glaring limitations;

1- the arrow recharge thing. Unless you're also packing a couple of quick recharging abilities or spells you'll need a melee weapon to fall back on

2- there are more than a few enemies that dodge arrows quite easily. If you start seeing bad guys getting their Matrix on, then you'll again need something to fall back to.

Other than that, bows are very reliable. The charge moves can dramatically increase the damage you deal while greatly increasing the chances of adding extra effects (like burning, poison, etc).The arrow rain can hit a group and be charged, therefore increasing damage and potentially starting off fights by poisoning groups all at once.

Oh, and it should be noted that pretty much any bow related ability you can buy also increases the max number of shots you can fire before having to wait.
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User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#10
Well, so far archery is very very viable.

I'm level 14 http://www.38watch.com/calculator/#0000000000000000000000000366503056010000055000000000000000000000000000000000 and arrows do a very good amount of damages. Dodging is very easy, obviously and I can get some distance from enemies using shadow flare when I need to.

You cannot dispatch whole groups of enemies at the beginning using the bow alone but it becomes possible as soon as you get a good bow. I just do some close combat here and there when I'm surrounded without any mana left or when I'm using fate but I pretty much just use archery otherwise.

You need to charge your arrows though so that they deal a good amount of damage and stop enemies in their track.

Pure build is very good too because it makes inventory management very easy : just throw everything that's might or sorcery related away. This cannot be overlooked because of the sheer amount of loot you get in the game, especially if you max out "detect hidden" and dispelling, which I do.

Overall, I must say I'm very pleased with this build :)

And I just had to respec once to get back the points that are preallocated at the beginning of the game (I hate this preallocation thing). I respec'ed at level 10 or so but I should have done it sooner since the three points you get back definitely add to your damage.
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