So, which class is best?

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User Info: BackupHamster

5 years ago#1
None of that 'play what you want' or 'its a matter of opinion' bs.
I'm looking for informed opinions from people who've given all classes a fair bid. Obviously they're all capable enough to own, not a hard game, blah blah blah, but, I just get a feeling that it's tilted in the mages favor, perhaps.
I've yet to give rouge a thorough looking over, but after diddling around with all three of them briefly, warriors seem somewhat outclassed?
Maybe if you take a lot of hits they're handy?
But then warriors moves have so much startup time that you just wind up eating it, without relentless assault, and it's not exactly a sustainable.
I haven't climbed to the top of the tree and was wondering if Celerity is a game changer?
Seemingly, adrenaline surge just kinda sucks; whenever it activates it seems to make no difference. Harpoon is best kept unleveled because the damage isn't worth the mana offset and the range and cooldown are just fine, and don't change.
It seems dissapointing that even their biggest boon in their destiny tree is an ability that has to assume you're going to get wrecked - if you aren't planning on dying, what use is 'last stand'?
THOUGH, perhaps it's actually that big boost in 'chance to stun' that I should be eyeing?
Battle frenzy seems to be what it's all about, as the damage boost is hefty - But, mages...
I just re-weaved from warrior to mage on my guy who is the furthest along, and it feels like I knocked the difficulty from 'sometimes annoying' to 'nonexistant'.
I'm not even going to dip into details, it's just making me shake my head at every fight, and makes me feel dirty.

Also open to the option that it's a blended class - that isn't something I've tried much.

User Info: Phange_2

5 years ago#2
For most of the game, definitely Might (warriors)

Near the endgame, the casters with properly blacksmithed gear are completely and utterly broken beyond all logic and reason

That said, warriors with blacksmithing will wind up crafting gear with 100% damage resistance (At least, I did) making them literally invincible. That's kind of broken too. But not quite as broken as having infinite mana will spells that kill every enemy on the screen in a single cast.
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User Info: HardcoreGamer7B

5 years ago#3
I really like mages, but I have been that way since dragon age origins....... was hitting for over 400-700 points of damage at level 22 with my ice and lightening spells since armor is useless on a mage, I just went with accessories that cant break and just one staff weapon, no other armors, this also made the difficulty more interesting since I could also take more damage at times, but was cheaper since I would make my own healing items and could save on repair kits...
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User Info: HardcoreGamer7B

5 years ago#4
^Sorry for the poor punctuation in that last message....
"You see ser knight, We might die, But we'll be warned about it first!"
-Daveth, Da:O

User Info: Ameriph

5 years ago#5
I personally play as a Rogue/Warrior, with some spellslinging. Needless to say, it's rediculoulsy broken, especially because I have my regeneration so high that I nearly fully recover the cost of a spell by the time I cast it, and my health regeneration and armor are both so high that I regain any health lost in a matter of seconds.
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User Info: Lastat27

5 years ago#6
Every class is broken if you Blacksmith your gear. Without Blacksmith.. Pure Sorcery is overpowered. Universalist is pretty balance so far (no top tier abilities late game is starting to slow me down.)
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User Info: Sky_205

5 years ago#7
Jack of all Trades, especially the last one, Universalist is a good bet :)

User Info: Reference_Meme

5 years ago#8
I have taken a Might/Sorcery, Finesse/Sorcery, and a Might/Finesse build to level 40ish.

I've since made copies of each to try out high level versions of the pure classes.

Honestly, even though you poo-poo'ed the notion, every class combo is extremely powerful.

That said, nothing of mine has decimated things faster than a pure sorcerer (with 11 points in Skillful Defense/Hearty Constitution). Meteor/Elemental Rage/Storm Bolt/Ice Barrage on the active, with Sphere of Protection sustained.

I'd give a close second to my Finesse/Might build with gear focusing on Stun% and Crit%.

User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#9
Yeah, Sorcerers have a lot of insta-gib moves at higher levels. Plus you can get Stealth crits on Meteor, Ice Barrage, and Static Bolt. Usually only named bosses can survive the first hit of a stealth critical Meteor.
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