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Armor sets... Locations and drop rates?

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User Info: xxxhushxxx

5 years ago#1

So aside from the pre-order and Mass Effect armor sets, I don't have any other complete sets. Last night I stumbled upon a piece of the Perfidious and Frostweave armor sets as drops from orange named monsters.

My question is, are there any quests or locations that yield full armor sets? Particularly for a Finesse focused character? Also, anyone already have a clue about the drop rate for sets?

User Info: Burningskull01

5 years ago#2
no clue on drop rates but they appear to be random from anywhere. i've gotten them from chests and monsters. (i think i even found one in a whirlpool once)

i think you also can get some from quests as


i got a complete house of balled mage set from the final quest line there.

User Info: ZeroJinKui

5 years ago#3
aside from a few certain sets, such as the stern armor set, which i think you get from the warsworn questline... i have no idea where to find most of them.

i got most of the ceremonial armor [only missing the gauntlets] from chests very early on in my game... i also got a piece of frostweave armor and a few other pieces from other sets in the occasional random loot chest.

its weird how fast im finding so many set items... werent they supposed to be the rarest ones? or am i just really lucky?
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User Info: GuiltyGearGod

5 years ago#4
I found two pieces of the Mercenary Armor set, which is Finesse-based. The headpiece was in one of the white jar-like chests in the Chapel where you have to steal the shroud for the Guided Hands mission, and the boots were in the Ballads Observatory in Ettinmere. Don't know where the rest of the pieces are, though...
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User Info: xxxhushxxx

5 years ago#5
Anyone verify whether farming an area where a set drop every few days or so will yield the other pieces of that set?

User Info: 0niichan

5 years ago#6
I have gotten my complete wanderer set by level 28 (which now makes it obsolete but i still wear it for looks and poison enhancements on it). Each piece i got from 5 different areas. All set drops seem random. That said i only got set pieces from chests.

Wanderer Set (finesse)

This is the Shadowskin set you get at the end of the travelers story.

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User Info: lakerspsg4

5 years ago#7
I've found 3 pieces of the Perfidious Armor, but I died without saving after finding one of them, so I only have 2 now :(

Cap - Found it right outside a cave at the end of "The Road Patrol" Warsworn quest
Gauntlets (the piece I lost) - I found it in that very same cave on the very next quest "The Heart Of Sibun" basically 2 mins later. I died in the cave, and when I came back the 2nd time I found something else.
Armor - I found this one on the Travelers quest "The Silent Step". It was in one of the chests in the final area.

I'm sure it's pretty random, but I did find all 3 pieces during faction quests.
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User Info: Miyasaki003c

5 years ago#8
Not sure if just a coincidence but I've got two pieces of the Lyria set (sorc) on the same dungeon (the gnarsh one).
I've found set items on piles of rocks, but I don't think I ever looted one from a monster.

User Info: xxxhushxxx

5 years ago#9
Yeah, here's the thing, I am trying to figure out how you can farm sets, if that is even possible. As I've read other posts here on the message board, you can try farming the area where you found a piece of a particular set, as supposedly there's a greater probability that the other pieces will drop there as well.

I have also found that certain chests and monsters have a higher than normal probability of dropping uniques or set items. The hidden cache at the southern end of Star Camp, for one, seemed to drop a unique or set item for every 10 times I reloaded and entered Star Camp. The Krudoc (sp?) outside Brigand Hall Cavern also seems to have a penchant for high level loot, so I may experiment farming that as well...
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