Best order of Faction Quests, joins

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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#1

I think the factions in this game, are sorta like the guilds in elder scrolls. So warsword, are fighters, Ballads are mages, and Travellers are thiefs.

First off, is that correct. do we have any dark brothernood/ killers factions??

Now, what is the logical , and best order to join these groups.

I joined the warsworn, because I GUESSED it was easiest. But I have an offer or I think I can join the Ballards, and I Met this shaddy guy on the road that wants me to join the Travelers.

If I try to follow this quest line all the way to the end, will it get TOOO hard. Or can you do one to completion, THEN the next, THEN the next. or do you need all three running, at the same time, to even out the difficulty level.

Thank you. any advice on factions is appreciated.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: Medleymaks

5 years ago#2
House of ballads is not the Mage one. That's scholana something in rathir.

But you're right about warsworn and travelers. Not sure what the best order to do them in is. So far, at lvl 14 - I'm about halfway through warsworn and on the last quest in house of ballads. Haven't started the other two. I think those are the two you should start with though, as they are the first ones introduced to you closest to leaving the tutorial (both start on gohart, the starting village)

User Info: Burningskull01

5 years ago#3
the factions don't affect each other so i understand it. so you should do them in whatever order you feel like doing them. i do them as i come to them as i'm exploring areas.

User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#4
I do them as I come across them. The first 2 I came across were the Warsworn and the House of Ballads. Next was the Travelers, which I declined. Most recently I joined Scholia Arcana in Ysa, which is right up my alley because I'm a full mage.

User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#5

So if House of Ballads is not mages. What IS it. What is that quest line like.. Or is it very small.

I did the warsworn. and it took me FAR accross the map. things went very easy to hard. I thought, even on EASY this game is hard. then I look at a shop. there c-rams could hit for 112, and the ones i had were like 48. so more then double.

When I got those. I did MUCH better.

It seems like as you get farther and farther from Ghorat ( sp), the starting town, things get harder.

I will go back to house of ballads, and research that. Of course, every town you go to has quests, usually AROUND that town.

thank you.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: Keldonis

5 years ago#6
Scholia Arcana and The House of Sorrows are the mage factions.

You can join Scholia in Ysa or Rsthir (not sure how you spell it), city in the North-East.

House of Sorrows is on the far eastern continent, which you can't access until you progress far enough into the main quest. It's hardly missable once you're there.

There is no "correct" order to do the factions, do them as you like. Some are only available once you get far enough into the MQ (House of Sorrow) However, as you said things do get progressively harder in certain zones so I suppose it's technically best to do them as you come across them.

Being that I'm a mage, I won't likely be doing all the other factions. It's just the way I play games. I'd rather have multiple characters doing different quests/factions everytime to keep the game fresh, rather than having a completely OP character who does everything.

Then again with re-speccing in this game, I suppose you never really need more than one character
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User Info: y3kman

5 years ago#7
drclaeys posted...
So if House of Ballads is not mages. What IS it. What is that quest line like.. Or is it very small.

They're closer to a Bard guild. Basically, the faction involves reenacting/reliving their Fae stories and your character becomes one of the participants in the overall plot.
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User Info: The_Evil_Elf

5 years ago#8
All I will say is that if the gear for faction quests is level'd at all, which I havn't seen a positive answer to, then you should do your spec's guild last
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User Info: Valor_Phoenix

5 years ago#9
As far as difficulty goes, regions have level ranges and will lock to the cloest level in that range when you visit them. Quests do the same thing, so if you take the quest for the Selkie Veil at level 10, all the enemies and loot in that cave will be level 10.

As far as order, House of Ballads is the simplest to complete.

Warsworn and Travelers have a few early missions in Dalentarth but they soon have you going to the other regions. Going to other regions early on can see like a spike in difficulty, but you're also setting those regions to their minimum level which sucks in the long term.

Then there is Scholia Arcana, which is in Rathir but can be joined in Ysa, House of Valor at the arena looking place in the desert and finally the House of Sorrows which is what remains of the Winter court of Fae.
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