Her Righteous Fury - Quest Bugged

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User Info: rock484

5 years ago#1
Dont do this one you cant complete it and after that you cant fast travel anymore.

User Info: kmaldingone

5 years ago#2
you had some bad luck bro, i completed that quest some time ago in my game.

User Info: jagaman

5 years ago#3
The same happened to me. The worse part is when you can't fast travel anymore. When is a patch going to be released?

User Info: Yomigaeru

5 years ago#4
Is that the one where you have to poison the bodies and dump them in the water supply? Because if it is, I completed that with little trouble.

User Info: jagaman

5 years ago#5
Yes it is. I totally broke my game because enemies kept spawning.

User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#6
This whole quest line has some bugs.

- I think her righteous fury will bug if an enemy is sent off the bridge
- The following quest can bug if you don't exit the dongeon and go straight to the boss
- The following quest line can also bug I read if you get to the dongeon end before your companions
- If the following quest bugs, there is another bug where you can still get to the boss location and fast travel out but you cannot complete the quest afterward. How this happens is very weird because you're at the door but cannot do anything, then sometimes something will glitch and you will magically end up on the other side of the door

I had to reload a previous save and make sure to trigger the events in the right order.

I must say that I still had very few bugs in this game considering it's an open world game. Less than one in every ten hours I think.

User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#7

i DID finish this. but I DID think it was bugged. and maybe it was.

they enemies Do keep respawning, like 4 at a time. like 100+ of them. I was never sure if it wants you to KNOCK them off. or kill them, or do something special.

There is a yellow arrow, on the the little bridge you are on. If you dont kill them, on that, they dont seem to count. You only have to kill like 5, so watch your counter, and see who died in what spot.

I was using c-rams, and I was killing them stacking up by the enterance door. they were NOT counting towards the 5.

finally when I moved way back. and then tried tokil them by the arrow. FINALLY, they counted towards the 5.

so I did finish this, but its very touchy, on where you kill them, and how they land. if they dont die or land in the RIGHT spot, they dont count.

Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: rock484

5 years ago#8
I was a mage 100% and i did the lighting move and after that it broke on me and as far as i know from other people it breaks with that type of character only.

User Info: jagaman

5 years ago#9
No I was pure Might, killed the enemies by the door and got glitched.

User Info: Yomigaeru

5 years ago#10
Hmm...I killed a ton of enemies by the door, but I eventually was able to lure them toward the arrow and kill them to complete the quest. Fortunately, I was a Finesse/Sorcery build, so I was using the skilled that adds constant poison to weapons so I didn't have to rely on the AI's arrows to cause poison. I had the most success by killing them near the edge of the bridge, and "pushing" the corpse over the side. It took around 7 or so minutes to accomplish this.

Haven't had any quest bugs myself. I've gotten stuck one by doing a Fateshift to a Jottun on a hill. Luckily I was outside, so fast travel fixed that right up.
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