great gameplay.......unimportant uninspired awful story

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  3. great gameplay.......unimportant uninspired awful story

User Info: axelfooley2k5

5 years ago#1
im at like level 20

the world and gameplay are great

i just have no interest listening to people
i didnt have this problem with skyrim
anyone else?
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User Info: ArmPillow

5 years ago#2
another skyrim comparison? each has its own merits. gameplay, this game wins. story, skyrim. i personally prefer fun gameplay. so i favor amalur.
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

5 years ago#3
i didnt play skyrim on ps3

so i make a good point
you mark that frame an 8, You're entering a world of pain

User Info: Njp1589

5 years ago#4
The overall story arc leaves a lot to be desired. I have found though, that the region specific sidequests are a little more interesting. I'm in Apotyre, and finding out all about the shady things going on in that area is kind of fun. Not "I'd better get to the bottom of this," interesting, but at least entertaining enough that I play along with the questing.

Gameplay is great though, and I really like the graphic style and world design. I think it definitely shines in those areas more than story.

"i didnt play skyrim on ps3

so i make a good point"

I don't exactly see how the platform you played it on has any bearing on whether the story was better or not. In fact, I don't see anything in the second post that even remotely would illicit this response. Most anyone on this board will admit that the story is pretty meh, but the gameplay is much better. Most of us are just sick of people posting about how "Skyrim did xyz better..." because everyone thinks that x game has to trump y game in every category. If you're having fun, and you like the game, just enjoy it for what it is. It doesn't have to do everything well.
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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#5

Open worlds have hard times with story element. its just very hard to keep people engages.

some of the factions have nice tight stories, those I liked. the main story was not awful. thats an overstatment. but I like the term above... MEH!!!!!!!

ONce you get done. Put it on the shelf. Its not like I can pop it in again, for something new.

Thats my 2 coppers on dat.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: emceecrispy

5 years ago#6
I agree with OP. RPGs are my favorite genre, so I enjoy lore, story, and having to read a lot. But in Kingdoms, not only have I gotten far enough that I'm basically skipping all dialogue, but I don't even feel bad for doing so since I can't seem to care about the lore.

I'm still enjoying the game, and honestly after Skyrim, my favorite part of Kingdoms is the load times.
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User Info: DoctorDoom80

5 years ago#7
It's really more of a Diablo or Phantasy Star Online style game than a Skyrim style game.
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User Info: iDeceiver92

5 years ago#8

The game doesn't have a good story, but the game's more about
leveling, killing monsters, doing quests and looting stuff (which I like)
Nothing special about the story, I just skip cutscenes most of the times :P
I don't even fully understand what the story is..
What I think the story is:
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

5 years ago#9
im 20 hours in and literaly have no clue what the story is

only thing i know is your character has no fate and can be the one to fix everything
you mark that frame an 8, You're entering a world of pain

User Info: BiggLaw

5 years ago#10
I like the story. It wasn't that the story itself was bad, but it seemed to be lacking any closure. At the end, you're like, "Ok, so... That was it?" It left questions unanswered. You learn about your character's past somewhat, but not to a full extent. The side missions like the Traveler's quest were lacking too. It was fine until the ending.

Basically, I feel like the story would have been better if there wasn't so much room for more questions.
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  3. great gameplay.......unimportant uninspired awful story

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