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User Info: TheDarkn1ght

5 years ago#1
Well at least it's something to do. Post your build (one please), name it if you feel like it, skills URL, Destiny, Loadout, and a description of the playstyle you envision. I'll start.

Tenacious Tactician (Might - Finesse)

Destiny: Slayer (Might/Finesse - Tier 5)
+ 23% Melee Damage
+ 15% Ranged Damage
+ 10% Chance to Critical Hit
+ 13% Piercing Damage
+ 20% Damage While in Stealth

Primary: Bow
Secondary: Greatsword
Shield: Talisman - Poison

- Shadow Flare or Poison Bomb
- Gambit
- Quake
- Lunge
Sustained: Blade Honing

This build caters to those who like to think before acting and revolves around creating ideal situations to swing your Greatsword (ideally, it'll be poisoned). Gambit and Lunge are the two most important abilities, allowing you to immediately move into a position to combo or away from enemies to reassess your battle strategy. The bow keeps single enemies or groups pressured from a distance while dealing rapid damage. The choice between Shadow Flare and Poison Bomb is a strategic preference. Their main purpose is to slow or stop an advancing group of enemies, but Shadow Flare does high direct damage and pushes enemies away, while Poison Bomb poisons a group of enemies, holds them in place, and puts you in stealth. Both of them can lead into an easy Whirlwind. With excessive damage paired with decent crowd control and superior positioning, you should not need to guard with this build.

Example combo string: Poison Bomb->Lunge->Launch->Bow juggle->Quake->Gravedigger->Gambit.

User Info: Frewsa

5 years ago#2
Ranged Mage - (Sorcery)

Destiny: Archmage (sorcery - Tier 6)
(forgot what it does)

Primary: Chakrams
Secondary: Scepter
Shield: Talisman

Summon Faer Gorta
Elemental Rage
Sustained: Sphere of protection

Playstyle: It is fairly simple really. Cast the Faer Gorta. Roll away from the enemies, and just continually shoot with your scepter. Use either power if there is a good group opportunity, and if you get surrounded, use the Chakrams, which are good at hitting multiple enemies, then teleport away and go back to shooting.

Potential Combo: Summon Faer Gorta --> roll --> shoot x7 --> roll --> shoot x7 --> Summon Faer Gorta --> to Infinity

Emergency Combo: roll + Chakram off roll attack --> Elemental Rage x1 (groups enemies) --> roll away again --> Chakram combo on anything still behind you --> Go back to plan A.
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User Info: roadkill888

5 years ago#3
Berserker (pure might, well mostly)

Destiny: Warlord

Primary: Greatsword as well as Hammers so I don't have to pass on the bad ass weapons I find.
Secondary: Longsword as well as Daggers for shanking.
Shield: big ones.

- Wrath
- Warcry
- Relentless assault
- Harpoon
Sustained: Battle Fenzy

I don't I think. I just go berserk.
Dovie'andi se tovya sagain. It's time to toss the dice.
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User Info: kornbeefncabage

5 years ago#4
.... snazzy name for finnesse/sorcery


Shadowcaster: +25% Elemental Damage, +20% Piercing Damage, +12% Chance to Critical Hit, +2 Mana Regen Per Second
Dread - Guaranteed to Critical Hit vs. enemies in Panic.
Poison Blink - Short range teleport dealing Poison Damage, replaces Dodge.
Drain Mana - Critical Hits restore Mana


Precise Weaponry I: (Rank: 3 / 3)
Dagger Mastery: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Longbow Mastery: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Shadow Flare: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Assassin's Art: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Precise Weaponry II: (Rank: 3 / 3)
Drawpower: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Arrow Storm: (Rank: 1 / 3)
Precise Weaponry III: (Rank: 3 / 3)
Smoke Bomb: (Rank: 4 / 4)
Barbed Arrows: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Enduring Agony: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Blade Honing: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Precise Weaponry IV: (Rank: 3 / 3)
Scattershot: (Rank: 6 / 6)

Sceptre Mastery: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Storm Bolt: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Mark of Flame: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Conservative Casting: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Summon Faer Gorta: (Rank: 6 / 6)
Chain Lightning: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Ice Barrage: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Transference: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Smolder: (Rank: 5 / 5)
Frostshackle: (Rank: 4 / 5)
Masterful Construction: (Rank: 5 / 5)

Play style. Honed blade will be on always. Elemental attacks may be used to weaken enemies and induce panic. Then Dread will guarantee criticals on enemies in panic. Have the scepter mastered because of its tremendous power and can be used as an alternate ranged weapon. Bow is maxed out except storm for scatter shot and its potentially tremendous power. If it can be used similarly to shadow flare which is also very powerful. Those will be used on groups and more likely large bosses that will take the entire shot. Masterful construction is there to draw aggro, add damage, and heal me. Conservative casting gives me a bigger gas tank. Smoke bomb and assasination will be used for stealth kills. Thinking I can cast smoke bomb and sneak behind an enemy and insta kill them. Enduring agony enhances my bow attacks and shadow flare. Also wondering if it adds to poisons I equip on weapons? It says it prolongs bleeding and poison. Or does the poison skill do damage over time and it just isn't in the description? If so I may make changes.
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User Info: Frewsa

5 years ago#5
Big or Small (Might + Finesse)


Destiny: (Might/Finesse - Tier 6)

Primary: FaeBlades
Secondary: Hammer
Shield: Heavy Armor Shield

- Harpoon
- Relentless Assault
- Lunge
- Shadow Flare
Sustained: Envenomed Edge and Blade Honing

This playstyle involves breaking up groups with Lunge + Faeblades, Then, while separated, demolishing one with a couple hammer swings, using a roll + Harpoon to bring you and the lone enemy farther from the action. This requires a high damage Hammer to end the miserable enemy quickly while the rest close in on you. If the enemy in question is still alive, a quick shadow flare should buy you enough time for another swing or two. Against Powerful single enemies, just use Relentless Assault + Harpoon and start swinging your hammer.

Example combo string: Poison Bomb->Lunge->Launch->Bow juggle->Quake->Gravedigger->Gambit.
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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
5 years ago#7
Name: Ground n Pound

Destiny: Final finesse/might destiny (Blademaster I believe?)


Battle Frenzy and Envenomed Edge

Shadow Flare
Not sure if the arrow abilities are included here, but would put one here as well.

Rain arrows from range on anything big, but if that hammer can knock it the ground, it'll be dead before you know it. Improved damage on enemies on the ground, stun/bleeds/poisons for everything else.
Now these points of data make a beautiful line, and we're out of beta we're releasing on time! So I'm glad I got burned, think of all the things we learned!

User Info: MastaMenace

5 years ago#8
Destiny: Shadow Caster!

+25% Elemental Damage
+20% Piercing Damage
+12% Chance to Critical Hit
+2 Mana Regen Per Second
Dread: Guaranteed to Critical Hit vs. enemies in Panic
Poison Blink 3: Short-range teleport with Poison Effect. Replaces Dodge.
Drain Mana - Critical Hits restore Mana


Ability Allotment:


Primary Active Abilities on wheel:

Poison bomb - Emphasizes my DOT (damage over time) strategy with faeblades and lets me get easy stealth attacks!
Frost Trap - Boosted by Frostshackle in sorcery tree! Makes it GODLY and good for zoning or playing safe!
Shadow Flare - So GOOD. A shotgun blast with massive utility!
Storm Bolt - Hold for Tempest for massive AOE, shock damage, and stun-chaining.

Sustained Abilities:

Envenomed Edge - Makes my poison DOT style very effective coupled with mysterious toxins, poison bomb, and enduring agony!
Blade Honing - Massive crits, especially in stealth!


Weapon Focuses:

Faeblades - Artsy close-quarter AOE dmg with stylish stealth attacks for massive crit!
Chakrams - Artsy range "zoning" AOE dmg!


How does "Dread" and "Drain Mana" (2 perks from Tier 6 Shadow Caster destiny) help me?

First and foremost, "burning damage" will cause enemies to be more likely to go into "PANIC". I then can crit them AUTOMATICALLY with dread. When I crit, I also get mana back from "drain mana" for massive synergy!

The synergy doesn't just stop there! Since I invested into the Smolder ability in the sorcery tree, ALL my burning dmg. is increased by 100%! Again, massive synergy.

Furthermore, since my weapons focus on AOE dmg. I'll most likely socket my chakrams/faeblades with burning damage to get enemies into panic.

Not only that, but my blink has a poison dot. This means it's synergized from all my poison buffs from the finesse tree (mysterious toxins, envenomed edge, poison bomb, enduring agony).

With blade honing also on my faeblades, and coupled with stealth mode and maxed out Assassin's Art, I might be able to one-shot even the toughest of monsters! Plus, I can poison bomb (which still is the smoke bomb, but upgraded) and turn invisible for an easy stealth attack for massive damage or complete assassination.

I can also cast many spells from conservative casting in the sorcery tree and keep my sustained abilities on forever. I ALSO get mana from the destiny (+2 mana/sec)!

Also if your looking at my ability allotment, I don't take the final precise weaponry (IV) in the finesse tree since you have to parry. Since I'm given the poison blink with my destiny, I'll rarely be using parry when I'm a bit fragile, but more agile! Therefore, I used those 3 points for better abilities that I could max out.

User Info: sith_demon

5 years ago#9
War Wizard (Might + Sorcery

Destiny: Champion (Might/Sorcery Tier 5)
Gain 25% of Damage Received as Mana
+25% Elemental Resistance
+20% Melee Attack Damage
+15% Total Armor
Blink - Short range teleport. Replaces Dodge.
Harmonic Overload - Chance to produce elemental projectiles per Kill

Primary: Longsword
Secondary: Chakrams
Shield: Situational

-Battle Frenzy
-Storm Bolt/Tempest
-Healing Surge
Sustained: Sphere of Protection

This build focuses on quick, unopposed damage. Quake and Storm Bolt to stun enemies combined with Concussive Force and Battle Frenzy for fast major damage. Use Blink for repositioning. Sphere of Protection and Healing Surge are for when things get FUBAR.
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User Info: trollop_scat

5 years ago#10



In WarCraft Paladins use hammers, so I will too! Just look how perfect my build is, not a wasted point...

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