Whats the best race?

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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

5 years ago#1
What did you pick?
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User Info: thebobevil

5 years ago#2
Varani, for the Detect Hidden bonus.
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User Info: Nonoru

5 years ago#3
There is no best race.
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User Info: Vanilla_Funk

5 years ago#4
thebobevil posted...
Varani, for the Detect Hidden bonus.

Winner winner chicken dinner!
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User Info: FAQSPOT

5 years ago#5
There's only two races? Okay, there's four but they look exactly the same.

User Info: LunaWuff

5 years ago#6
thebobevil posted...
Varani, for the Detect Hidden bonus.

gonna have to say this as well. its pretty nice to start hitting those hidden chests right from the beginning of the game
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User Info: LeonKennedy28

5 years ago#7
.:The Fatal Four:.

User Info: casedawgz

5 years ago#8
Vanilla_Funk posted...
thebobevil posted...
Varani, for the Detect Hidden bonus.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Eh. There's a built in limit to how quickly you can level it anyway. My elf guy had the first four points and all the hidden chests from early game well before he could move into the level 8 skill tiers.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

5 years ago#9
I picked the last Elf race, because I thought it looked the best
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User Info: tisuko

5 years ago#10
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