Best armor set?

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User Info: Dead4Live

5 years ago#1
I currently have Shepard's Armor, liking it so far, but is there a better armor set that I can loot/buy?

User Info: Bhellium

5 years ago#2
Depends on your level, but oh god yes there are.

Not necessarily in looks (still one of my favorites), but those stats will eventually be pathetic.
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User Info: Sykostuff

5 years ago#3
Yeah I replaced it in about an hour or so of playing. It is really nice at the start, but very quickly you will find better.

User Info: mike468

5 years ago#4
Yeah there is definitely better armor than Sheppard's or even the pre-order bonus stuff. Right now I'm using the Warsworn armor and it's got pretty good stats. Chest piece offer something like 120 for armor alone. I've also seen considerably better stuff in the shops at Rathir for well over 100,000.

The only benefit to the pre-order stuff is that they offer an XP bonus when in Reckoning mode to level up faster, that's it, the rest of their stats are terrible.
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User Info: HeartBreakKid59

5 years ago#5
I've been using the Imminent set basically since I got them.
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User Info: Remvrant

5 years ago#6
When you get the max level blacksmithing and make your own Prismere armor, you can get some insane stats. I had the best set that you can get in the game(vengeance's armor), which gave me around 1100 armor and I was at 800 hp at the time. After I made my own prismere armor it kicked me up to 1900 hp and 2150 armor, which makes even the hardest fights a laugh.

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