Quest Bug - Seawatch, Castle Ansilla

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User Info: Soora666

5 years ago#1
Im on the quest for finding the people for seawatch, ive just got the first quest to go into castle ansilla but its locked, the guy who gave me the quest mentioned nothing about a key so either ive missed something to open the door or its bugged.

Any help appreciated

User Info: TornadoMelon

5 years ago#2
There is a camp near there with Drew Ansilla looking to get back into his 'castle' so to speak. Finish that questline first. Hope that helps.

User Info: silverado123

5 years ago#3
I found the way into the castle.

When you are at the front gate of Castle Ansilla, walk to the right, and jump of the ledge.
Located there at the back entrance, is a character with a Quest Mark
The General ask u to help his soldiers inside the castle.
When accepting this mission, the back entrance becomes available.
I have found no other way into the castle.

Hope this helps

User Info: darth_sedus

5 years ago#4

The Weeping King quest is bugged, after trying to collect the key numerous times within the Sinser cave. The npc and the game keep asking you to collect the key. Eventhough you have it in your item list. Thus you can't proceed with the faction quest "The House of Sorrows" What a bummer..


User Info: vollgard

5 years ago#5

the weeping king IS super bugged. i'm experiencing the same problems. i have the quest item in my inventory but can't seem to do anything with it. i hope they release a fix or something. :!:

User Info: Magnificanto

5 years ago#6
Alrighty then, I've done all the main quests and all the side quests in Alabastra and Klurikon and all the faction quests so I can help.

I noticed somebody put a link to this forum on a different forum so I'll answer the question on that forum first.
1. To access the dialogue for the Ansilla Keys you have to speak to Hillared, she's the decendant of one of noble families and has a quest where you help her free her castle of the witch knight, once you do that, speak to Hillared and scroll down to ask for the Ansilla Keys, you can either say a persuasion attempt or I have no proof, my persuasion is full so for me there was a 95% chance she'd give me the keys... That 5% beat me. Then I kept talking to her, all I got was I have no proof so I spoke to Drewn to see if I could get any proof but nothing, so I pickpocketed Drewn and took his ring, my character is as stealthy as a Singing Bolgan (Giant red thing) so Drewn tried to kill me, so I ran out gave the ring as proof, got the keys and went back to Drewn and he was neutral again. In order to do this quest you must accept Hillared's quest to clear her castle and accept the General's quest who you can find to the right of the entrance to Ansilla Castle near a pipe bleeding, you must kill the witch knight, upon handing the finished quest to the General at Ansilla Camp speak to Drewn Ansilla, tell him you cleared his castle and accept the quest for the Ansilla Keys.

User Info: Magnificanto

5 years ago#7
And Soora666 you must do the quest for the General that I described then either go through the pipe (which is quicker) or the main gate that should be open you should see Corri, locked up just before you reach the Private.

User Info: Magnificanto

5 years ago#8
Alright, I've completed the House of Sorrows questline so it's not bugged, are you sure you have the correct keys? Which quest are you referring to? Could you describe it please?

User Info: Magnificanto

5 years ago#9

Is it after the king betrays you?
After the "rebellion"
When you first arrive?

User Info: Magnificanto

5 years ago#10
Unless you've already done the quest....

Anybody else need some help?
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