What elemental damage is the best?

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User Info: luke2460

5 years ago#11
Also I tried adding the gem but Chakrams only support utility gems and none of them give poison/bleeding damage.

User Info: wolfy42

5 years ago#12
Even for 1 tree characters I think it's worth it to have 4 points in the two other tree's just for the +1 to all skills when you want it (first tier of jack of all trades).

Even only 4 points in the lightning spell is quite decent...giving a decent amount of damage from range, and a good chance to stun.

Mark of flame is more damage and hits multiple enemies as well, but if your not going pure sorc you might just want to go with lightning damage from your spell and 2 other elemental types on your weapons to cover all 3 bases.

Charged bow attacks always proc elemental effects.....so it's a great choice to use as a secondary weapon. Ice bows can be good for slowing down enemies.

Then your primary weapon can have fire damage for instance. That gives you fire, ice and lightning attacks.

There is no one element that is better then the others, but it is nice to have all 3 elements to call on quickly. If your only putting 4 points in sorc...that means you have lightning taken care of, and can the other two from weapons.
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User Info: dexter1984

5 years ago#13
Ice element is actually pretty good as a debuff, it slows the enemy by a lot. I use Winter's Embrace (Ice Tornado) against boss and elite monsters like trolls and their speed slows down drastically.

Ice weapons also have the same effect but to a lesser extent.

User Info: VCP

5 years ago#14
luke2460 posted...
Thanks guys, I also want to know if it's possible to get a bleeding or poison effect on Chakrams?

You can get both at the same time with the correct parts.

User Info: hauntbot

5 years ago#15
MysticalMoon posted...
Bleeding is just a status effect by the way, it increases physical damage incurred.

it does that, but it also does bleeding damage, so that isnt entirely accurate.

anyhoo, id shoot for bleeding + physical for the damage on a fighter type. a lot of fighter gear have percentage based physical damage boosts, so focusing heavily on physical is typically a good idea.

on a straight mage id shoot for fire, since theres no reason you shouldnt have smolder. hybrids might not be able to fit that into their build though, in which case shock might be better.

freezing effects are great on ranged weapons.

poison caters well to pure finesse builds or finesse/magic builds(like tcs) because of the poison-based abilities youre likely to utilize (envenomed edge, poison blink, etc)
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User Info: NoOneistheOne

5 years ago#16
The ''handle'' component of a Chakram can have bleeding effect= Slaughtering Handle. So a Shock disk with this handle would do shock+bleeding.

User Info: smoke_dog_4ever

5 years ago#17
Does anyone know if adding multiples of the same elemental type will stack the amount of damage? If, for example, I add a hilt that does 15 fire damage with damage over time and I also add a gem that does 17 fire damage with damage over time, does that stack to 32 fire damage with the damage over time, or will it only take the higher stat (in this case, the gem) into effect and, more or less, negate the effects of the 15 fire damage hilt?

OK, I tested this out and the effects will stack together, basically adding the base elemental damage together for an overall elemental damage and then the DOT is also added together for an overall DOT elemental damage.

User Info: Strigol81

5 years ago#18
I'm finding lightning is the most usefull right now. Full sorc spec, Last lightning spell=I win button for 90% of fights. What it doesn't kill I can finish in 1-2 hits of a chakram.

The only lightning resistant enemies I've ran into thus far were sprites...and none of those are particularly fearsome
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User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#19
I tend to favor Shocking damage as a mage, since the stun locks enemies in place for my AoE attacks. Freezing is good against big enemies, but you have spells for that too. Burning damage is probably the least useful. Sure it makes weaker enemies panic, allowing you to deal more damage, but it is a bit too situational. Shocking is far more reliable with the stun.
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User Info: luke2460

5 years ago#20
NoOneistheOne posted...
The ''handle'' component of a Chakram can have bleeding effect= Slaughtering Handle. So a Shock disk with this handle would do shock+bleeding.

Awesome! Now I just gotta get me one of them handles and then I can cover every type of damage!
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