best and worst skills and abilities?

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User Info: Dordledum

5 years ago#1

I basically want to know what you think are the best and worst skills and abilities?

Detect Hidden looks like a skill I want all my builds to have for example.

User Info: MestreRothGF

5 years ago#2
I wish I could take off the first tier of detect hidden and keep the others. But I always have it maxed.

Lockpicking is the worst ever. Completely useless, since even lockpicking the 'very hard' picks is easy.

User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
5 years ago#3
I think the only one that is really bad is Speech since it doesn't help or change a lot. Blacksmith and Sagecrafting is good if you want to make awesome gear yourself. Mercentile is good if you want lots of monies.
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User Info: LunaWuff

5 years ago#4

god tier- detect hidden
high tier- blacksmith, sagecraft
low tier- dispelling
s*** tier- everything else

imo, anyhoo

EDIT: i suppose you could put stealth in mid or low tier if you are focusing on stealth kills, otherwise it is useless like most of the other skills
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User Info: jkohya

5 years ago#5
I like to put alot of skills in detect hidden and mercantile, I do this for the first 10 levels or so then respec out of mercantile... probably not nessacary but then I start the game with a lot of gold and never look back

User Info: dexter1984

5 years ago#6
Detect Hidden maxed out will show all the treasure chests and lorestones, great if you don't want to miss anything.

The worst would be Merchantile. Why? Because you have so much money from selling hidden stash loot and extra cash from Detect Hidden.

Stealth is useless if you're not a rogue.

Dispelling and Persuasion allows you to have extra conversation choices.

User Info: Kirbye2006

5 years ago#7
Best ability- Relentless Assault

Worst ability- Frost trap
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User Info: rolandcal

5 years ago#8
Detect Hidden is a must for all builds. I suck at Dispelling (don't judge me!), so I use it and I also like Persuasion because you get some different items, can avoid some annoying fights and you get bits of unique dialogue.

Crafting (Smithing, Sagecraft and Alchemy) are amazing and break the game. Mercantile isn't half bad just to get a little gold from stuff you destroy out of the Junk category, even though money becomes a joke with a quickness. Lockpicking should be taken out of the game. Stealth doesn't seem to matter if you have one point or ten.

User Info: Golem345

5 years ago#9
I'm upping lockpicking and dispelling cause there is a crap ton of locked and spelled chest, and I like being able to auto unlock and dispell them.
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User Info: GoldenVoid

5 years ago#10
If you are talking about combat abilities, Rite of Flame in the Sorcery tree seems extremely over-powered to me. That spell alone is the reason I can defeat enemies so easily at my level, without it Sorcery / Finesse would be much more challenging.

It occurs low in the Sorcery tree (tier 2) so anyone can get it. 5 points in that skill allows you to instantly set up to 5 targets in a large cone in front of you on Fire, then detonate them all. The spell's range is large as well. This costs negligable amounts of mana and can be repeated every 2 seconds. One detonation deals 300 damage to each target which is WAY MORE than any other ability I have can do.
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