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User Info: Metagun

5 years ago#1
Ok here we go well..... im on this quest called collections in Tirin's Rest an i donated money to the war effort and once you do that you have to wait to catch a thief who steals the donations, so my question is am i suppost to wait inside the church of lybria or outside in the town. Im not sure anyone has made it this far threw the game yet i got it almost as soon as i came out but if anyone could help with this quest that would be great. Thanks.

User Info: rize7

5 years ago#2
This one had me confused as well for a bit.

Wait until evening (after 10:30 PM) and head inside and upstairs. Not sure if it is needed but I went into stealth mode and within a few minutes (5-10) the thief entered.

1. It needs to be night (after 10PM)
2. You need to be inside

That's what I know to work although YMMV...

User Info: Metagun

5 years ago#3
Thanks man

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