Gex 360

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User Info: IMPofBTS

7 years ago#1
That is what this game is.
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User Info: Terakn

7 years ago#2
....Gex was a side-scroller/ 3d platformer...

User Info: IMPofBTS

7 years ago#3
Yeah, but it was about going into the movies and tv.
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User Info: dkyler

7 years ago#4
Zelda 3 and Ninja Gaiden II(newer one) had swords, so they're the same game.
Flawless logic.
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User Info: Deathmetalgamer

7 years ago#5
Haha what that guy above me made me laugh

and is very true

User Info: danny21

7 years ago#6
Call of Duty and Festers quest are the same game with guns...fester also got a whip so throw castlevania in there too.

User Info: halo824

7 years ago#7
Gex 360 would actually be sweet. They should bring him back...
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User Info: Gucci_Mane_

7 years ago#8
Gex is good stuff. Fester's Quest is good too.
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User Info: dkyler

7 years ago#9
are you kidding? fester's quest was garbage
Me a fake Jamaican
Ah me a smoke cocaine

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