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User Info: livingonwheels

7 years ago#1
I had it for 360 but the controls were so sensitive that I exchanged it for the Wii version.It took about 1/2 an hour on easy.You fight through the following movies:

Some insect movie
Indiana Jones
House of the dead type movie
Star Wars

The 360 version I found to be very frustrating and seemingly impossible to finish(I made it to the final stage,but couldn't get past the lower crypts).The Wii version I was able to beat the entire game with losing only 2 lives.I found the 3D to be better than Batman GOTY 3D mode.Batman had depth but nothing "popped out of the screen".Attack of the Movies had many things that did pop out,most notably the birds,skeletons,and insect attacks(they shoot goo at you).The game is VERY bare bones.There isn't even any ending to speak of.This is just a rental just to see the 3D effects.I have a 3D tv with 120hz,so I'm not sure how this games effects will be on a regular tv.This is no Avatar movie 3D effects,though.Another thing.Batman 3D always gives me bad headaches,but not this game.Batman uses Red/Green,Attack used Blue/Red.

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