Replacement resistance band or weights

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User Info: SAPS10111

6 years ago#1

Hi all,

Could anyone that have replaced their resistance band in EA sports active 2 give me some tips please. I was thinking that weights might be better to use or am I wrong? If possbile could you please post some links on replacements bands (different to ea ones) or weights and what works best.


User Info: Micsunderland2

6 years ago#2

Its the difference between burning calories and gaining muscle.

TheResistancebands will will primarily work at keeping you sweating, unless you use heavy resistence ones.

If you are looking to mainly gain muscle, than i would get a pair of weights from either 10-25 depending on your (strength level) for theseexercises.

I have norecommendationsfor a brand of weights. My onlyrecommendationis going down to your local sports shop and buy a pair of used weights that dont hurt your hands (Some old weights have brutal grips).

Even if you dont want to do them with EA sports active, a nice set of dumbbells around the house will allow you to do many moreexercises,and complement your EA sports workouts nicely.

User Info: SAPS10111

6 years ago#3

Thanks for the info, think i'll stick to the resistance band.

User Info: magic175

6 years ago#4
I use bodylastic bands

So far they have been quite nice in giving plenty of resistance and being easy to change weight.

The thing I like most about them is that the bag of them just tucks away on a shelf w/o having to have hand weights to put away each time. It's also must easier on the floor if I drop one ;)

User Info: mutley89

6 years ago#5
It's not true that resistence bands don't gain you muscle. Perhaps they don't work as fast as conventional weights but with the right resistence they work great and you have ALOT less chance of injuring yourself.

User Info: Master_Happosai

6 years ago#6
I prefer resistance bands for workouts with this game because there is a lot of cardio involved. I do strength training with dumbbells outside of this game.
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