Secret characters pictures?

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User Info: orochimaru

7 years ago#1
Any one have some pics of the secret characters? Greg is easy to find but the others...
And I don't want to spend times for a characters that I won't like...

User Info: lipnox88

7 years ago#2
plus beating people on gold is quiet difficult, so I imagine very few people will ever unlock all characters (especially when table tennis is such garbage)

User Info: Kalmaru

7 years ago#3
go for archery, That is the best one to go for, and by far evil and cool looking

User Info: Gypsiee

7 years ago#4
Table tennis is garbage! Are you mad? What on earth is wrong with it? Best one by miles imo. Really quite life like too

User Info: LockeDaemonfire

7 years ago#5
Table tennis is amazing! I use the eastern style of holding the paddle, so it took a little bit to find out what angle to hold it at. But once I did, I was amazed at how true to life it is, I love it! I've also found it easier to 3-star matches on it so far, but maybe because it's the only one on there that I play normally.

User Info: LordElohim

7 years ago#6
I've also been looking around for pictures of the unlockable characters, if anyone knows where I can find some.
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User Info: jrobin7401

7 years ago#7
got 3 of em, working on #4 in golf, after that i have bocce, archery, and volleyball to unlock

User Info: phat_head_inc

7 years ago#8
Bocce courses are insane homie.. good luck
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User Info: orochimaru

7 years ago#9
Still any pics?

User Info: ITP

7 years ago#10
I got 4 out of 6, only need to beat ace and umrog, I got both of them open though.

once I do, I'll post a pic of the character select
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