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User Info: gamedoodle

6 years ago#1
is playstation move compatible with the old version? (the first model)

and should i buy the psmove sport champion bundle ($99)

or separate pieces ( like 20-30 bucks less) just for the sake of money?

im really low on budget :(
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User Info: SuperGotenks

6 years ago#2
Kmart has both Playstation move bundles on sale for $49.99 this week. (Tiger Woods and Sports Champion)

I ordered..

Tiger Woods Playstation Move Bundle - $49.99 - Kmart
Sharp Shooter - $19.99 - Amazon
Navigation Controller - $14.99 - Amazon
Sports Champion - $16.99 - Newegg
The Fight: Lights Out - $9.99 - GameStop

Total - $112
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User Info: Justice98405

6 years ago#3
I just recently got a good deal myself online.
Move Controller, 25 dollars.
Move Controller and Nav Controller 'bundle', 25 and 15 for 40 total.
Sports Champions and the Deus Ex: Human Revolution tie-in novel, JUST over 25 to get the free super-saver shipping.
It all showed up today.
Also, I thought I saw The Fight on Gamestop's site for 10, but it wasn't able to be bought online. The demo only lets you beat up on a dummy, so I have no idea how footwork/moving around works during actual fights works, but if I can get it for 10-20 I'll likely get it.
Oh, and I got a20 dollar PSN card and got Tumble for 9.99 as the demo was awesome.
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User Info: gamedoodle

6 years ago#4
thanks guys
" Piglets don't have hands!" Sakura in ch 540, pg 9

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