It's out on July 7th

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User Info: winstonthewhite

7 years ago#1
Watch the video. Only 3 weeks to go!
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User Info: klcoman

7 years ago#2
Damn it's gonna be a long 3 weeks waiting for this treasure Yaaaarrrr!
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User Info: GodDogs

7 years ago#3
they announce a price yet? Hopefully it's 800 like the first game, but knowing Microsoft and their love of 1200 point charges... >_>
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User Info: bianca_rox_2597

7 years ago#4
Yay! I'm buying it the first day. :D
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User Info: NakedJoe4Eva

7 years ago#5
will the 360 & PS3 be getting it the same week?
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