Hero of might and magic achievement glitched?

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User Info: Devslashx

6 years ago#1
I've killed the last boss, got all other achievements which means doing all bounty missions, collecting all units and artifacts and winning all puzzle battles. I've completed all side quests as shown as the silver shield on the character select screen and this includes Silver Cities which doesn't show this, but that place is so linear it's impossible to miss anything, plus you do those battles for the units/artifacts. I even went visiting every area and spoke to everyone possible but nothing.

Just an heads up for anyone else closing in on the end, you may have to kill the last boss after doing all the side quests. Sucks for me because I only had 4 quests left to do ><

User Info: PSU_Sonico

6 years ago#2
Same happened to me just today, and I made sure I got everything in each area before fighting the final boss too, even got the individual achievement for all the side quests, yet after the final boss, silver cities says complete like the rest of the campaigns, but no silver shield located on it to tell you that you have everything. There's nothing to miss! :( and I only need that last damn achievment
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User Info: hiryu405

6 years ago#3
frickin me too. I did every single side quest and got every last artifact (except for the multi player ones). I beat the boss and didn't get the achievement. that is not cool. I have every achievement now except that one. does anyone know a remedy for this? are we missing something obvious or vague? i'm a completionist so this is seriously going to bother me.

User Info: friendlyaggie

6 years ago#4
I never thought about the little shields on the map screen before. I'm having the same problem. Btw, there's a bunch of optional battles in the silver cities if you revisit and then make your way down the tower.

User Info: SupaT

6 years ago#5
I've missing 2 achievements: this one and the 'got all artifacts' achievement. I've been up and down the tower 3 times, so I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything, and have completed all sidequests in the other chapters. Achievements in this game are broken.

User Info: progamer2290

6 years ago#6
you might have to beat the game once more i was told if u unlock the game in the demo this might happen and it happen to me so!

U just might have to beat the game a second time
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User Info: sandmanccl

6 years ago#7
Happened to me, too, but beating it a second time fixed the issue and I got the achievement. I -think- it has to do with continuing a file began during the trial of the game because the only feedback I've recieved from others is that they began their file this way too. It makes sense. The game doesn't give you a prompt that you've unlocked the achievement for winning your first battle as most trials do, instead giving it to you the first battle you win after purchasing the game.
@SupaT: Do you have 10 artifacts with each army? If so, you have them all and got hosed somehow.

User Info: SupaT

6 years ago#8
sandmanccl posted...
@SupaT: Do you have 10 artifacts with each army? If so, you have them all and got hosed somehow.

Yes sir.

User Info: Tarzanman0

6 years ago#9

All the people I have talked to who haven't gotten it started the game from trial mode, so technically you didn't complete the whole main story after you bought the game, so the achievement doesn't register, you have to start all over

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