Where are the secret units?

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User Info: persona2freak

6 years ago#1
I've completed all th quests for Godric and the elf girl and have gone back to search the maps but I can't find any new paths or anything.
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User Info: Cyllya

6 years ago#2
Elves' secret unit is the Unicorn. In the screen before entering the big tree, there will be an elf guarding a cave off to the right. If you fight him, you can enter and buy unicorns.

The humans have... some kind of sword knight guy. Outside the evil guy's mansion, there should be a bad guy guarding an angel statue. After you defeat him, a path will open up in the angel statue (you might have to interact with it or something, I forget) and you can go down to buy the sword guy.
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User Info: deleeuw

6 years ago#3
You're probably like me. I finished the game and felt it was so easy to find and unlock all the units that I couldn't believe they were even labeled secret.
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  3. Where are the secret units?

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